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Know Who is CBTF? What is CBTF 7? Full Explanation on CBTF

    In this post, we will discuss and give brief details about CBTF. What is CBTF? Who is CBTF7? What is meant by CBTF?

    Common words you often see in the cricket betting world tips like –

    “cbtf 7”
    “cbtf guru”
    “cbtf amit majithia”
    “cbtf jsk”
    “cbtf bhaiji”
    “cbtf shaan”
    “cbtf uiuc”
    “cbtf dubai”
    “cbtf speed 247”
    “cbtf arnav”
    “cbtf speed 247 login”
    “ today match prediction”

    What is cbtf ? what is CBTF 7?

    What is CBTF?

    This CBTF term you often heard in cricket is nothing but CBTF means Cricket Betting Tips Free. It’s just a short term people use it as a shortcode to recognize the Cricket Betting Tips Free.

    In the field of betting, you will hear the word CBTF on most of the tipper’s website telegram channels you will see this short term as CBTF. Mena the person use to provide free tips on betting cricket.

    Who is CBTF?

    CBTF is nothing like a person or a brand it is used by most of the tippers who provide free cricket betting tips people use for the easy to pronounce in 4 letters.

    What is CBTF 7?

    CBTF 7 is the same as CBTF used by some people on their website or telegram channel. The main concept to make the word CBTF Unique is they use it as CBTF 7, CBTF 9, etc. because it’s a keyword as per google algorithim and it’s a trending keyword.

    CBTF 7 refers to the website It provides free cricket tips, tennis tips, and football betting tips free as well paid service. They provide tips since 2011 and they have clearly mentioned that they provide tips ONLY FOR UK / USA / AUSTRALIA AND OTHER BETTING PERMITTED COUNTRY’S VISITORS.

    So, if you want you can check their website once.

    Who is CBTF Guru?

    CBTF Guru is a Cricket Betting Tips website WWW.GURUCBTF.BIZ & WWW.GURUCBTF.COM they refer to both websites and provide free cricket tips to the UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, WEST-INDIES, and many more.

    They are providing free tips since 2009 they claimed that they have billion of followers on their website and are the No1 Best Online Cricket Betting Tips service provider.

    Who is CBTF Amit Majithia?

    Amit Majithis is a brand genuine tipster as he claimed that he was the first tipster to provide free cricket betting tips since 2011 and the owner of the website &

    He also has his own cricket book on Sports and Casino & since 2020 he also finally lunch his news website end of 2021, CBTFSPEED NEWS by website It’s all about sports news

    Who is CBTF JSK Tips?

    Cbtf Jsk is a website this website provides cricket betting tips for free and has a telegram channel too. If you want to check out his website you can go and check.

    Who is CBTF Bhaiji?

    The owner of the website is a tipster Associate Partner of WCBA (World Cricket Betting Association). ( ) As he claimed that he is the No3 Cricket betting tips tipster in the world.

    Who is CBTF Shaan?

    CBTF Shaan is a fantasy team giving expert tipster and owner of the website He provides fantasy teams on cricket leagues is one of the famous and well-known people to give tips on fantasy tips.

    CBTF 7, JSK Tips, 100% Free Cricket betting tips

    CBTF 7, JSK Tips are the cricket betting tips site provided on daily basis for punters to win. They are providing free tips and betting tips on all cricket matches.

    Cricket Latest News by CbtfSpeedNews

    The most latest news by provided by CbtfSpeedNews recently launched a new website on sports like Cricket, Tennis, Football they also provide live scoreboards on their website.

    CbtfSpeedNews is the official website of CBTF by Amit Majithia. They provide the latest news trading topic on their website. Below are the points they cover on their news-

    1. Latest News on Cricket happening in the world live score.
    2. Cricket Tips on the cricket matches live or any upcoming matches chances of wining and presdiction.
    3. Tips and stats of the current upcoming ground report and its previous matches details
    4. Team updates of the matches like playing xi, injury updates chances of player for the next match.
    5. Football News latest updates of the players and teams live updates of the score.
    6. Tennis News and its upcoming matches secudle and player updates.

    None of the links are paid promotion it’s just a concept of the term CBTF there is one person who uses this term he is the first person Amit Majithia as a CBTF. He is a brand of CBTF but now people use his term in many ways.


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