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Learn How to Bet and Win Cricket Session or Fancy Betting

    Session Betting is something very easy way to win money, So, here we will guide you on How to Bet on Cricket Sessions and Win Real Cash?

    How to Bet and Win Cricket Session

    What is Session in Cricket Betting?

    Cricket Sessions or fancy in cricket betting is to place a bet on T20, ODI, or Test Match which odds are on every 5 Overs. Where we can take the 5,10,15,20 overs Odds as Yes or Not in exchange Id or bookies Id and on the Bookmakers website we get an option as Over Under.

    How T20 Match Fancy is Calculated?

    T20 Match First Session is at 6 Overs, 2nd at 10 Overs, 3rd at 15 Overs, and the last 20 Overs which is also known as Lambi. Other than the T20 Match ODI and Test Match Sessions provide every 5 Overs of the Match.

    What are the Odds or rates of Cricket Session Betting?

    The Odds or rates of the cricket session betting are different in different IDs. At Bookies Exchange ID the rate of a Session is 2.00 and at bookmakers Betting Site it is 1.90, 1.83, 1.85 It keeps changing from time to time as per the match situation.

    Which is the best Session betting Site?

    The Best Session Betting Sites and their Important points are mentioned Below:-

    Betting Session at Bookie ID

    1. Exchange is Best for Betting on Cricket Sessions.
    2. The rate of Exchange ID is 2.00 for each session.
    3. The session can be bet anytime at Bookie ID before the last ball of the session.
    4. Options of the Bookies ID are Yes and No easy to understand with round figure numbers.
    5. Fast Bet Place within 5 seconds.
    6. We can Book Set our session at Bookies ID which is a very important point.
    7. Bets are settled very fast after the session is finished.

    Betting Session at Bookmakers ID

    1. No proper rate compare to bookie id at bookmakers the rate is low 1.85, 1.95, 1.90 only
    2. Session betting should be placed 2 overs of the session in advance.
    3. No book set option is available on the bookmaker’s site.
    4. Bet is placed very slowly or if the ball is running it keeps pending to place your bets.
    5. After we win the session bets are settled very late after a 2-3 overs finish.
    6. The option at the bookmaker’s site is over or under and the session is at .5 means 45.5 under 46.5 Over which is very difficult to understand by some punters.
    Fancy Betting in Cricket

    Tips and Tricks to Win at Cricket Session Betting

    There are some experts tips and tricks to bet on Cricket Sessions We will mention below in points:-

    1. Sessions are always on Bookie’s side and so be very alert.
    2. Never Place Session Double means 1 session to be bet at a time.
    3. Don’t Bet 6 over the session at the beginning of the game start. Bet after 3rd Over only
    4. Before you play session betting check and read the ground stats history of the pitch and study.
    5. If the 6 overs session runs 10 runs or 10+ runs per over till the 3rd over then the session will be yes or over.
    6. In the first 6 Overs, if there is no wicket then the session goes always not at 10-15-20 overs session.
    7. Lambi sessions are always dangerous for betting so you need to analyze the batsman order left to bet next.
    8. If the session of 10 Overs is 91 or 91+ then the session of 15-20 overs goes yes means over.
    9. Session Betting is easy if we read about the player’s performance foam and the pitch given to lay.
    10. There are many tippers providing tips for sessions but never ever follow multiple tippers always try to follow only 1 best tipper for session cricket betting.

    Trusted Cricket ID Bookie for Session Betting

    There are thousands of Bookies all over India now but I have provided you best-trusted bookie and fast withdraw bookie for betting in an exchange where you can bet on session unlimited without a single issue and they are 100% safe and secure.

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    Lastly, I would like to advise you to play always safely and smartly So, you will never lose on session Betting.

    If you Likely me to give my tips on sessions on a regular Basis Comment down So I will try my best to provide you best session tips in live matches. Thank you.