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Nagaland Lottery Review – How To Play Nagaland Lottery

    Everybody knows that if there is one country that exemplifies how persuasive of an influencer brand a state-run lottery can become, it is undoubtedly India. On the other hand, there are perhaps better options for your gambling money; it is evident that these daily lotteries occupy a fair share of mind for many Indian citizens regularly. Many states run lotteries, including Nagaland. In this article, I have covered a Nagaland lottery review that runs an authentic lottery system. Scroll down to learn in detail!

    Nagaland Lottery Review

    Is the Nagaland lottery safe?

    The Nagaland lottery department was introduced to increase the state’s revenue and manage the resourceful running of all lotteries. The finance department of the state government proclaims lottery results and schemes. All the available lotteries that come under the government of Nagaland are undoubtedly safe and legal.

    But, the lottery is not legal in most Indian states, with Nagaland being the rare exception. Moreover, only government-operated lotteries are legal in India, and other private lotteries are imposed under a complete ban.

    Procedure to play Nagaland state lotteries:

    It is easy to participate in Nagaland Lottery games, whether the players want to participate in a daily draw or one of the superior bumpers draws. All these lotteries are authentic and are operated by the Board of Nagaland state lotteries, and players can play in the states where it is legal to enter. Moreover, there are two ways to take part.

    Purchase a physical lottery ticket from an official lottery vendor or retailer

    Play the Nagaland Lottery online through a secure and legit website

    1. Buy a physical lottery ticket from an official lottery vendor or retailer:

    Players can move to the registered lottery vendor or retailer to purchase the tickets; everything is explained in detail below.

    Some of the daily dear lotteries

    There are three Nagaland Lottery draws consistently. These dear draws are known as the Morning, Day and Evening draws. The name of the draw is different for every day of the week, yet they are, in a general sense, played similarly. All you want to do to participate is purchase a ticket.

    The top award in each draw is worth ₹1 Crore. To win the bonanza, your number must precisely match the number that is haphazardly chosen as the victor. Here are the hours of the day-to-day draws:

    The following table below demonstrates the names of all the daily draw games in Nagaland:

    Day                 1:00 PM                            4:00 PM                   8:00 PM
    Monday         Dear Ganga Morning      Dear Sun Day          Dear Flamingo Evening
    Tuesday         Dear Teesta Morning      Dear Moon Day      Dear Parrot Evening
    Wednesday   Dear Torsa Morning        Dear Mercury Day Dear Eagle Evening
    Thursday        Dear Padma Morning     Dear Venus Day      Dear Falcon Evening
    Friday             Dear Hooghly Morning   Dear Earth Day        Dear Vulture Evening
    Saturday        Dear Kosai Morning        Dear Mars Day         Dear Ostrich Evening
    Sunday           Dear Damodar Morning Dear Jupiter Day      Dear Hawk Evening

    Lottery Nagaland bumper draws:

    This lottery Nagaland bumper draws are drawn every once in a while, a couple of times each year, and no more. However, the proposition of more significant cash rewards is a mystery and motivating force to play – notwithstanding the day-to-day draw games that offer more modest monetary rewards.

    The Bumper lottery draws have comparable life systems to ordinary draw games. Just the more significant cash rewards put them aside from the standard. ₹1 Crore is once more the standard cash reward; however, this prize can be increased depending on whether you match all or part of the triumphant numbers.

    The Nagaland Lottery also recently held bumper attracts to check different events consistently. The accompanying draws have all occurred previously; however, they are not presently active:

    • Dear Happy New Year Bumper
    • Dear Kali Puja Bumper
    • Dear Lohri Makar Sankranti Bumper
    • Dear Winter Special Bumper

    2. Play the Nagaland Lottery online through a secure and legit website:

    This is the second option, and players do not have to fret over it because the best lottery in Nagaland is also accessible online! Online lotteries let players buy lottery tickets to some of the biggest lotteries draws in the whole world. An online Nagaland lottery ticket can be quickly booked for some draws; 

    Following are the top 5 international lotteries accessible online from Nagaland:

    Ticket                 Price        Draw days           Biggest jackpot
    Powerball          ₹300        Tue, Thu, Sun      $158.64 crore
    Mega Millions   ₹300        Wed, Sat             $153.70 crore
    EuroMillions     ₹240-300 Wed, Sat             €25 crore
    Euro Jackpot      ₹350         Friday                  €9 crore
    SuperEnaLotto ₹160 Wed, Fri, Sun             €20.90 crore

    How to buy Nagaland online tickets?

    To buy an online lottery ticket in Nagaland is so easy; it only takes a few moments, and you don’t need to move to a local lottery reseller in the nearest town. Just log in to your account, and have absolute fun! Following is the step-by-step procedure:

    • First, select a legit lottery website available from Nagaland.
    • Next, create an account at the lottery site.
    • Using a safe payment method, make a safe deposit. Some websites offer legit payment methods like UPI and Paytm.
    • Further, select which lottery game you wish to participate in.
    • Next, pick your lucky numbers and buy the lottery ticket.
    • Lastly, wait for the draw!

    How do you claim Nagaland lottery prizes?

    On the off chance that if you’re a fortunate Nagaland state lotteries victor, you should present your authentic winning ticket and a completed case form to accept your award. The access should be unblemished, and the specialists will investigate it for harm or alteration. Winners are likewise expected to introduce government-perceived photograph recognizable proof and passport-size photographs.

    If the players win an award of up to INR10 000, they can guarantee the cash from a lottery specialist or retailer. Prizes of more than INR10, 000 might be asserted from the Kolkata Nagaland Office. Players must submit their claim to the below-given location with the expected documents.

    The Director/Nodal Officer,

    Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries,

    121, Jessore Road, South Michael Nagar,

    Madhyam Gram, Near National Model High School,

    Kolkata – 700133, West Bengal

    In the case of online:

    And in case you want to claim the Nagaland lottery, you can refer to that specific website to learn how to draw the prize.


    Q1 – What are the available Nagaland online lottery games?

    I have carefully curated three of Nagaland’s most popular online lottery draws! Players can ultimately enjoy playing these games, including Powerball, Euro Million, and Mega Millions.

    Q2 – Is the Nagaland state lottery safe?

    Yes, the Nagaland state lottery is safe. All the available lotteries that come under the government of Nagaland are undoubtedly safe and legal.

    Q3 – What payment methods does Nagaland online lottery accept?

    You can make a deposit using a safe payment method. We prefer methods like UPI and Paytm.

    Bottom line:

    I hope you found this Nagaland lottery review helpful! If the players win an award of up to 10k, they can guarantee the cash from a lottery specialist or retailer. Prizes of more than 10k might be asserted from the Kolkata Nagaland Office.

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