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Old Inplay Betting Tips | Old Records

    In this post, we have to keep our old records of past old Inplay Betting Tips which we have provided with all accurate data.

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    Old Online Inplay Betting Tips

    Old Inplay Betting Tips Records

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    Old Inplay Betting Tips Accuracy & Records

    Note:- All the Inplay Betting Tips are from Bet365.Com and Parimatch.Com Bookmakers Websites

    Total Tips: 129 Pass: 100 Accuracy: 100/129 or 78% 3rd March 2022 to 14th June 2022

    14th JuneZimbabwe vs AfghanistanTMS Over 9.5 at 1.90Fail
    India vs South AfricaTMS Over 12.5 at 1.80Fail
    12th JuneIndia vs South AfricaTMS Over 12.5 at 1.7Pass
    Pakistan vs West IndiesTMS Over 10.5 at 1.90Pass
    11th JuneSri Lanka vs AustraliaTRIM Over 305.5 at 1.90Pass
    Zimbabwe vs AfghanistanTMS Over 10.5 at 1.90Fail
    10th JunePakistan vs West IndiesTRIM Under 555.5 at 1.90Pass
    Worcestershire vs DerbyshireTMF Under 27.5 at 2.00Pass
    9th JuneIndia vs South AfricaTMS Over 11.5 at 1.75Pass
    Afghanistan vs ZimbabweTRIM Under 475.5 at 1.90Pass
    8th JunePakistan vs West IndiesTMS Over 8.5 at 1.70Pass
    Sri Lanka vs AustraliaTMS Under 9.5 at 1.70Pass
    7th JuneSri Lanka vs AustraliaTRIM Over 321.5 at 1.90Fail
    Middlesex vs HampshireTMS Under 15.5 at 1.87Pass
    5th JunePakistan W vs Sri Lanka WTRIM Under 385.5 at 1.87Fail
    Durham vs NorthamptonshireTMS Under 8.5 at 1.87Pass
    4th JuneZimbabwe vs AfghanistanTRIM Under 475.5 at 1.90Fail
    Hampshire vs SussexTMS Over 8.5 at 1.72Pass
    3rd JuneDerbyshire vs NottinghamshireTMS Over 10.5 at 1.83Pass
    Yorkshire vs DurhamTRIM Over 330.5 at 1.90Pass
    2nd JuneSurrey vs HampshireTMS Over 10.5 at 1.86Pass
    Essex vs GlamorganMMS Essex at 1.89Fail
    1st JunePakistan W vs Sri Lanka WTRIM Under 405.5 at 1.87Pass
    31st MayWest Indies vs NetherlandsTMF Over 28.5 at 1.71Pass
    30th MayHampshire vs SomersetTMS Over 10.5 at 1.76Fail
    29th MayRajasthan vs GujaratTRIM Under 333.5 at 1.90Pass
    28th MayVelocity vs SupernovasTRIM Over 299.5 at 1.90Pass
    27th MayRajasthan vs BangaloreMMS Rajasthan at 1.92Pass
    Glamorgan vs SurreyTMS Over 9.5 at 1.82Fail
    Lancashire vs YorkshireTMS Over 8.5 at 1.72Pass
    26th MayMiddlesex vs GloucestershireTMS Over 13.5 at 1.87Pass
    Warwickshire vs NorthamptonshireTMS Over 10.5 at 1.75Pass
    Leicestershire vs DurhamTMS Over 9.5 at 1.70Pass
    Sussex vs GlamorganMMS Sussex at 1.72Pass
    25th MayLucknow vs BangaloreTRIM Under 328.5 at 1.90Fail
    24th MayRajasthan vs GujaratTRIM Over 318.5 at 1.90Pass
    23rd MayTrailblazers vs SupernovasToss & Match Winner
    Supernovas at 3.60
    22nd MayHyderabad vs PunjabMMS Punjab at 1.72Pass
    21st MayDelhi vs MumbaiTMS Over 14.5 at 1.91Pass
    20th MayRajasthan vs ChennaiTRIM Over 332.5 at 1.90Fail
    19th MayBangalore vs GujaratTRIM Over 325.5 at 1.90Pass
    18th MayKolkata vs LucknowTMF Under 27.5 at 1.87Fail
    17th MayMumbai vs HyderabadTMF Over 26.5 at 1.99Pass
    16th MayPunjab vs DelhiTMF Under 26.5 at 1.82Pass
    15th MayChennai vs GujaratTMF Under 27.5 at 1.91Pass
    Lucknow vs RajasthanTMS Over 15.5 at 1.90Fail
    14th MayKolkata vs HyderabadTRIM Under 325.5 at 1.90Pass
    13th MayBangalore vs PunjabTMS Over 14.5 at 1.90Pass
    12th MayChennai vs MumbaiTRIM Over 325.5 at 1.90Fail
    11th MayRajasthan vs DelhiTRIM Under 321.5 at 1.90Pass
    10th MayLucknow vs GujaratTMS Under 15.5 at 1.88Pass
    9th MayMumbai vs KolkataTMW Over 12.5 at 1.88Pass
    8th MayBangalore vs HyderabadTRIM Under 323.5 at 1.90Pass
    Chennai vs DelhiTRIM Under 325.5 at 1.90Pass
    7th MayPunjab vs RajasthanTMS Under 16.5 at 1.85Pass
    Lucknow vs KolkataTMS Over 15.5 at 1.87Pass
    6th MayMumbai vs GujaratTMS Over 12.5 at 1.82Pass
    5th MayDelhi vs HyderabadTRIM Under 332.5 at 1.90Fail
    4th MayChennai vs BangaloreTRIM Under 330.5 at 1.90Fail
    3rd MayPunjab vs GujaratTMS Over 13.5 at 1.77Fail
    2nd MayRajasthan vs KolkataTRIM Under 321.5 at 1.90Pass
    1st MayDelhi vs LucknowTRIM Over 329.5 at 1.90Pass
    Hyderabad vs ChennaiTMS Over 14.5 at 1.80Pass
    30th AprGujarat vs BangaloreTRIM Under 342.5 at 1.90Fail
    Mumbai vs RajasthanTTMS RR Under 7.5 at 1.87Pass
    29th AprLucknow vs PunjabTRIM Under 335.5 at 1.90Pass
    28th AprDelhi vs KolkataTTMS Kolkata Under 8.5 at 2.05Pass
    27th AprHyderabad vs GujaratTRIM Under 330.5 at 1.90Fail
    26th AprRajasthan vs BangaloreTMS Under 15.5 at 1.86Pass
    25th AprChennai vs PunjabTRIM Over 330.5 at 1.90Pass
    24th AprMumbai vs LucknowTMS Over 14.5 at 1.90Fail
    23rd AprKolkata vs GujaratTTMS Kolkata Over 8.5 at 1.85Pass
    Bangalore vs HyderabadTRIM Under 341.5 at 1.90Pass
    22nd AprDelhi vs RajasthanTRIM Under 333.5 at 1.90Pass
    21st AprMumbai vs ChennaiTRIM Over 342.5 at 1.90Fail
    20th AprDelhi vs PunjabPBKS TMF Under 14.5 at 1.94Pass
    19th AprLucknow vs BangaloreTRIM Over 340.5 at 1.90Pass
    18th AprRajasthan vs KolkataTMS Over 15.5 at 1.87Pass
    17th AprPunjab vs HyderabadMMS Hyderabad at 2.93Fail
    Chennai vs GujaratTRIM Over 336.5 at 1.90Pass
    16th AprMumbai vs LucknowTMS Over 14.5 at 1.80Fail
    Delhi vs BangaloreMMS Delhi at 1.81Pass
    15th AprHyderabad vs KolkataTRIM Over 345.5 at 1.90Pass
    14th AprRajasthan vs GujaratTRIM Over 333.5 at 1.90Pass
    13th AprPunjab vs MumbaiTMS Under 15.5 at 1.92Pass
    12th AprBangalore vs ChennaiTRIM Over 336.5 at 1.90Pass
    11th AprHyderabad vs GujaratTRIM Under 338.5 at 1.90Pass
    10th AprKolkata vs DelhiTRIM Over 341.5 at 1.90Pass
    Lucknow vs RajasthanTRIM Over 330.5 at 1.90Fail
    9th AprChennai vs HyderabadTRIM Under 337.5 at 1.90Pass
    Bangalore vs MumbaiTRIM Under 341.5 at 1.90Pass
    8th AprPunjab vs GujaratTRIM Over 340.5 at 1.90Pass
    7th AprLucknow vs DelhiTMF Over 25.5 at 1.90Pass
    6th AprMumbai vs KolkataMMF Mumbai at 1.90Fail
    5th AprRajasthan vs BangaloreTRIM Over 335.5 at 1.90Pass
    4th AprHyderabad vs LucknowTMS Over 16.5 at 2.00Fail
    3rd AprChennai vs PunjabTRIM Under 347.5 at 2.00Pass
    2nd AprMumbai vs RajasthanTRIM Over 342.5 at 1.94Pass
    Gujarat vs DelhiTRIM Over 343.5 at 1.94Fail
    Pakistan vs AustraliaTRIM Under 547.5 at 1.77Pass
    1st AprKolkata vs PunjabTRIM Over 337.5 at 1.94Fail
    31st MarChennai vs LucknowTRIM Over 339.5 at 1.94Pass
    30th MarBangalore vs KolkataTRIM Under 339.5 at 2.00Pass
    29th MarHyderabad vs RajasthanTMW Over 11.5 at 2.00Pass
    28th MarGujarat vs LucknowTMS Under 13.5 at 2.00Pass
    27th MarDelhi vs MumbaiTMF Over 31.5 at 2.00Pass
    Punjab vs BangaloreTMF Under 27.5 at 2.00Pass
    26th MarChennai vs KolkataTRIM Over 342.5 at 1.90Fail
    25th MarBangladesh vs Australia WomenTRIM Under 400.5 at 1.90Pass
    24th MarSouth Africa vs West Indies WomenTRIM Over 458.5 at 1.88Rain
    England vs Pakistan WomenTRIM Under 433.5 at 1.88Pass
    23rd MarSouth Africa vs BangladeshTMF Under 45.5 at 1.90Pass
    22nd MarSouth Africa vs Australia WomenTRIM Over 450.5 at 1.90Pass
    India vs Bangladesh WomenTRIM Under 416.5 at 1.90Pass
    21st MarWest Indies vs Pakistan WomenTRIM Over 425.5 at 1.90Rain
    20th MarNew Zealand vs England WomenMMS New Zealand W at 2.60Fail
    South Africa vs BangladeshTBOT South A at 2.88Pass
    19th MarUAE vs Papua New GuineaTBT Under 76.5 at 1.85Fail
    18th MarBangladesh vs West Indies WomenTRIM Under 415.5 at 1.90Pass
    South Africa vs BangladeshTRO Under 0.5 at 2.14Pass
    17th MarNew Zealand vs South Africa WomenMMS New Zealand W at 2.50Pass
    16th MarEngland vs India WomenMMS India Women at 2.50Fail
    15th MarAustralia vs West Indies WomenTRIM Under 475.5 at 2.05Pass
    UAE vs Papua New GuineaTotal Ducks Under 1.5 at 2.24Pass
    14th MarPakistan vs Bangladesh WomenTRIM Under 395.5 at 1.90Fail
    South Africa vs England WomenTRIM Under 485.5 at 1.88Pass
    13th MarNew Zealand vs Australia WomenMMS Australia at 2.06Pass
    12th MarWest Indies vs India WomenTRIM Over 468.5 at 1.90Pass
    11th MarPakistan vs South Africa WomenTRIM Over 425.5 at 1.90Pass
    10th MarNew Zealand vs India WomenTRIM Over 440.5 at 1.90Pass
    9th MarWest Indies vs England WomenMMS West Indies Women at 2.65Pass
    8th MarAustralia vs Pakistan WomenTRIM Under 432.5 at 1.90Pass
    7th MarNew Zealand vs Bangladesh WomenTRIM Over 410.5 at 1.88Rain
    6th MarPakistan vs India WomenTMF Under 40.5 at 1.87Pass
    5th MarBangladesh vs AfghanistanTMS Under 8.5 at 1.87Pass
    3rd MarAfghanistan vs BangladeshTTMS Afghan Under 5.5 at 2.05Pass

    Total Tips: 185

    Pass: 138

    Accuracy: 138/185 or  75%

    28th FebAfghanistan vs BangladeshTRIM Over 470.5 at 1.90Fail
    27th FebIndia vs Sri LankaTMW Under 12.5 at 1.87Pass
    Multan Sultans vs Lahore QalandarsTRIM Over 333.5 at 1.90Fail
    26th FebIndia vs Sri LankaTRIM Over 301.5 at 1.87Pass
    25th FebAfghanistan vs BangladeshTRIM Over 470.5 at 1.90Pass
    Lahore Qalandars vs Islamabad UnitedTMS Over 12.5 at 1.78Pass
    24th FebIndia vs Sri LankaTRIM Over 300.5 at 1.90Pass
    Islamabad United vs Peshawar ZalmiTMS Over 12.5 at 1.80Pass
    23rd FebAfghanistan vs BangladeshMMS Bangladesh at 2.25Fail
    Multan Sultans vs Lahore QalandarsTMS Over 11.5 at 1.76Fail
    22nd FebNorth West vs TitansMMS Titans at 1.92Pass
    Rocks vs KnightsTMW Under 12.5 at 1.85Pass
    21st FebLahore Qalandars vs Peshawar ZalmiTRIM Over 345.5 at 1.90Fail
    20th FebAustralia vs Sri LankaTMS Under 8.5 at 1.75Pass
    Quetta Gladiators vs Karachi KingsTTMF Quetta Over 15.5 at 1.87Pass
    India vs West IndiesTMW Over 12.5 at 2.00Pass
    Multan Sultans vs Islamabad UnitedTRIM Over 340.5 at 1.85Fail
    19th FebLahore Qalandars vs Islamabad UnitedTRIM Under 345.5 at 2.00Pass
    18th FebIndia vs West IndiesTMS Under 13.5 at 1.80Pass
    Australia vs Sri LankaTMF Under 26.5 at 1.82Pass
    Multan Sultans vs Quetta GladiatorsTRIM Over 348.5 at 1.90Pass
    17th FebIslamabad United vs Peshawar ZalmiTRIM Under 345.5 at 2.00Fail
    16th FebChattogram Challengers vs Comilla VictoriansTMF Over 25.5 at 1.83Pass
    India vs West IndiesTMF Under 27.5 at 1.84Fail
    Multan Sultans vs Karachi KingsTRIM Over 343.5 at 1.90Pass
    15th FebAustralia vs Sri LankaTMS Under 10.5 at 1.73Pass
    Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta GladiatorsTRIM Over 340.5 at 1.90Pass
    14th FebChattogram Challengers vs Khulna TigersMMF Khulna at 2.00Fail
    Fortune Barishal vs Comilla VictoriansMMF Barishal at 2.10Pass
    Islamabad United vs Karachi KingsTRIM Over 340.5 at 1.90Pass
    13th FebAustralia vs Sri LankaTMF Under 26.5 at 1.97Pass
    Peshawar Zalmi vs Karachi KingsTRIM Under 340.5 at 1.90Pass
    Lahore Qalandars vs Quetta GladiatorsTRIM Over 340.5 at 1.90Fail
    12th FebChattogram Challengers vs Sylhet SunrisersTMW Over 11.5 at 1.80Pass
    Khulna Tigers vs Comilla VictoriansTMF Over 23.5 at 1.87Pass
    Islamabad United vs Quetta GladiatorsTMS Over 13.5 at 1.80Pass
    11th FebKhulna Tigers vs Comilla VictoriansTMF Over 23.5 at 1.84Fail
    India vs West IndiesTRIM Under 500.5 at 1.90Pass
    Australia vs Sri LankaTRIM Under 316.5 at 1.90Pass
    Fortune Barishal vs Minister DhakaTMS Over 10.5 at 1.80Fail
    Lahore Qalandars vs Multan SultansMMF Lahore at 1.95Pass
    10th FebMultan Sultans vs Peshawar ZalmiTRIM Over 337.5 at 1.90Fail
    9th FebKhulna Tigers vs Minister Group DhakaMMF Khulna Tigers at 2.00Pass
    India vs West IndiesTRIM Over 525 at 2.01Fail
    Comilla Victorians vs Sylhet SunrisersMMS Comilla at 1.95Pass
    8th FebChattogram Challengers vs Dhaka PlatoonTMF Over 24.5 at 1.87Pass
    Sylhet Thunder vs Fortune BarishalTMS Under 12.5 at 1.87Fail
    7th FebComilla Victorians vs Fortune BarishalTMF Over 22.5 at 1.80Pass
    Quetta Gladiators vs Lahore QalandarsTRIM Under 352.5 at 1.93Fail
    6th FebKarachi Kings vs Islamabad UnitedTMS Under 12.5 at 1.75Pass
    India vs West IndiesTRIM Over 550.5 at 1.90Fail
    5th FebIslamabad United vs Lahore QalandarsMMS Lahore at 2.25Fail
    Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan SultansMMF Multan at 1.83Pass
    4th FebSylhet Thunder vs Fortune BarishalTMF Over 20.5 at 1.66Rain
    Comilla Victorians vs Dhaka PlatoonMMS Comilla at 2.20Rain
    Karachi Kings vs Peshawar ZalmiTRIM Over 327.5 at 1.85Pass
    3rd FebKhulna Tigers vs Sylhet ThunderTMS Over 10.5 at 1.84Pass
    Chattogram Challengers vs ComillaMMS Comilla at 2.04Pass
    Quetta Gladiators vs Islamabad UnitedMMF Quetta at 2.20Fail
    2nd FebPeshawar Zalmi vs Lahore QalandarsTMS Over 12.5 at 1.82Pass
    1st JanComilla Victorians vs Minister DhakaTMF Over 22.5 at 1.75Pass
    Chattogram Challengers vs BarishalMMF Barishal at 1.95Fail
    Islamabad United vs Multan SultansTMS Over 12.5 at 1.90Pass
    31st JanWest Indies vs EnglandMMS West Indies at 1.95Pass
    Chattogram Challengers vs ComillaTBT Over 55.5 at 1.85Pass
    Quetta Gladiators vs Multan SultansTMS Over 11.5 at 1.87Pass
    Khulna Tigers vs Fortune BarishalMMS Barishal at 2.00Pass
    30th JanEngland vs West IndiesTMS Over 15.5 at 1.88Pass
    Peshawar Zalmi vs Islamabad UnitedTMS Over 12.5 at 1.83Fail
    Karachi Kings vs Lahore QalandarsTMF Over 29.5 at 1.89Pass
    29th JanKhulna Tigers vs Fortune BarishalMMS Khulna Tigers at 2.10Pass
    Multan Sultans vs Lahore QalandarsTRIM Over 316.5 at 1.85Pass
    Chattaogram Challengers vs Sylhet ThunderTMS Under 11.5 at 1.90Fail
    Karachi Kings vs Quetta GladiatorsTMS Over 11.5 at 1.90Pass
    28th JanChattogram Challengers vs Khulna TigersTMS Under 9.5 at 2.00Pass
    Perth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersTRIM Over 317.5 at 1.90Fail
    Sylhet Sunrisers vs Minister DhakaMMS Dhaka at 1.95Fail
    Quetta Gladiators vs Peshawar ZalmiMMS Peshawar at 1.75Pass
    27th JanEngland vs West IndiesTRIM Over 310.5 at 1.80Pass
    Karachi Kings vs Multan SultansMMS Multan at 2.13Pass
    26th JanSydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersMMS Sydney Sixers at 2.05Fail
    25th JanSylhet Sunrisers vs Minister Group DhakaTMF Under 21.5 at 1.75Pass
    Comilla Victorians vs Fortune BarishalMMS Fortune Barishal at 1.91Fail
    24th JanFortune Barishal vs Minister Group DhakaTMF Over 22.5 at 1.75Fail
    Chattogram Challengers vs Khulna TigersTMF Over 21.5 at 1.92Pass
    23rd JanSydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersTRIM Over 313.5 at 1.90Pass
    22nd JanComilla Victorians vs Sylhet SunrisersMMS Comilla at 1.90Pass
    Perth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersTRIM Over 310.5 at 1.80Pass
    Chattogram Challengers vs Minister DhakaTMF Under 22.5 at 1.83Fail
    21st JanAdelaide Strikers vs Hobart HurricanesTMS Over 7.5 at 1.80Pass
    Chattogram Challengers vs Fortune BarishalTBT Under 61.5 at 1.89Pass
    Khulna Tigers vs Minister Group DhakaTBO Dhaka at 1.72Pass
    19th JanBrisbane Heat vs Sydney SixersTBT Over 66.5 at 1.85Fail
    Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne RenegadesTMF Over 24.5 at 1.74Pass
    Melbourne Stars vs Hobart HurricanesTMS Over 7.5 at 1.65Pass
    17th JanSydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersTRIM Over 317.5 at 1.90Pass
    Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane HeatTMS Over 11.5 at 1.98Pass
    16th JanBrisbane Heat vs Melbourne StarsMMS Heat at 2.72Fail
    15th JanAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsTRIM Over 310.5 at 1.90Fail
    Sydney Sixers vs Sydney ThunderTRIM Over 305 at 1.90Pass
    14th JanPerth Scorchers vs Adelaide StrikersTRIM Under 312.5 at 1.90Pass
    13th JanMelbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesTMS Under 11.5 at 1.82Pass
    Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney ThunderTRIM Over 318.5 at 1.88Pass
    12th JanBrisbane Heat vs Adelaide StrikersTMW Over 13.5 at 1.80Pass
    11th JanSydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesTMR Over 309.5 at 1.90Fail
    10th JanAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsMMS Stars at 2.26Pass
    9th JanSydney Sixers vs Perth ScorchersTTMF Perth Over 12.5 at 1.90Pass
    8th JanMelbourne Renegades vs Sydney ThunderTRIM Over 312.5 at 1.90Fail
    Brisbane Heat vs Hobart HurricanesTMW Under 12.5 at 2.01Pass
    7th JanMelbourne Stars vs Adelaide StrikersSkip Online BetsNA
    6th JanMelbourne Renegades vs Brisbane HeatSkip Online BetsNA
    Sydney Thunder vs Perth ScorchersRain 18 Overs GameNA
    5th JanAdelaide Strikers vs Hobart HurricanesTRIM Over 323.5 at 1.90Fail
    Brisbane Heat vs Sydney SixersTMS Over 11.5 at 1.86NA
    4th JanPerth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersTRIM Under 326.5 at 1.90Pass
    3rd JanMelbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesTBM Melbourne Stars at 1.92Skip
    2nd JanMelbourne Stars vs Perth ScorchersTRIM Over 307.5 at 1.85Pass
    Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersMMS Thunder at 1.80Pass
    1st JanHobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane HeatTMS Over 10.5 at 1.8Fail
    Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesTMR Over 335.5 at 1.88NA
    31st DecAdelaide Strikers vs Sydney ThunderTMW Over 12.5 at 1.87Fail
    30th DecPerth Scorchers vs Melbourne StarsTMS Over 10.5 at 1.89NA
    29th DecSydney Sixers vs Brisbane HeatTRIM Under 318.5 at 1.90Pass
    Melbourne Renegades vs Hobart HurricanesMMS Hobart at 1.83Pass
    28th DecSydney Thunder vs Perth ScorchersMMS Thunder at 2.50Fail
    27th DecHobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide StrikersTRIM Over 324.5 at 1.85Pass
    Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne StarsMMS Stars at 2.10Pass
    26th DecSydney Thunder vs Sydney SixersTRIM Over 309.5 at 1.90Pass
    Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne RenegadesTRIM Under 314.5 at 1.91Pass
    24th DecHobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne StarsTRIM Over 326.5 at 1.90Pass
    23rd DecNorthern Knights vs CanterburyMMS Northern Knights at 2.32Pass
    Adelaide Strikers vs Brisbane HeatMMS Brisbane Heat at 2.10Pass
    Galle Gladiators vs Jaffna KingsTRIM Over 334.5 at 1.87Pass
    22nd DecMelbourne Renegades vs Perth ScorchersTRIM Under 312.5 at 1.95Fail
    21st DecSydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersTRIM Under 320.5 at 1.94Pass
    Jaffna Kings vs Dambulla GiantsTRIM Under 332.5 at 1.87Fail
    20th DecPerth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesTRIM Under 320.5 at 1.92Pass
    19th DecBrisbane Heat vs Sydney ThunderMMS Thunder at 1.90Pass
    Dambulla Giants vs Colombo StarsTTMS Dambulla Under 5.5 at 1.92Pass
    Jaffna Kings vs Galle GladiatorsTMF Under 27.5 at 1.96Pass
    17th DecNorthern Knights vs AucklandTRIM Over 320.5 at 1.90Pass
    Jaffna Kings vs Galle GladiatorsTMS Over 9.5 at 1.75Fail
    Colombo Stars vs Kandy WarriorsTMF Over 24.5 at 1.82Pass
    16th DecJaffna Kings vs Colombo StarsTRIM Over 293.5 at 1.87Fail
    Dambulla Giants vs Kandy WarriorsTTMF Dambulla Under 11.5 at 1.88Pass
    Pakistan vs West IndiesTMS Over 12.5 at 1.77Pass
    15th DecMelbourne Stars vs Sydney SixersTRIM Over 311.5 at 1.90Pass
    14th DecHobart Hurricanes vs Perth ScorchersTRIM Under 325.5 at 1.90Pass
    Kandy Warriors vs Colombo StarsTMF Under 24.5 at 1.93Pass
    Pakistan vs West IndiesTRIM Over 310.5 at 1.87Pass
    13th DecBrisbane Heat vs Melbourne RenegadesTRIM Over 303.5 at 1.90Fail
    Pakistan vs West IndiesTRIM Over 305.5 at 1.90Pass
    Galle Gladiators vs Dambulla GiantsMMS Dambulla at 1.83Error
    12th DecMelbourne Stars vs Sydney ThunderTRIM Over 305.5 at 1.90Pass
    Jaffna Kings vs Kandy WarriorsTMS Over 9.5 at 1.72Fail
    Galle Gladiators vs Colombo StarsTTMS Galle Over 4.5 at 1.88Fail
    11th DecSydney Sixers vs Hobart HurricanesTMS Over 8.5 at 1.68Pass
    Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide StrikersMMS Perth at 1.90Pass
    Galle Gladiators vs Kandy WarriorsTMF Under 25.5 at 1.82Pass
    Colombo Stars vs Dambulla GiantsTMS Over 10.5 at 1.91Fail
    10th DecCanterbury vs Central DistrictsTTMF Canterbury Over 12.5 at 1.97Pass
    Melbourne Stars vs Sydney ThunderTRIM Under 300.5 at 1.87Fail
    Dambulla Giants vs Galle GladiatorsTMF Over 25.5 at 1.87NA
    Jaffna Kings vs Colombo StarsTTMF Jaffna Over 10.5 at 1.85Pass
    9th DecAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne RenegadesTRIM Over 303.5 at 1.87Fail
    8th DecHobart Hurricanes vs Sydney SixersTTMF Hobart Over 11.5 at 1.87Fail
    Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane HeatTTMS Perth Over 5.5 at 1.80Fail
    Colombo Stars vs Dambulla GiantsTMS Over 9.5 at 1,83Pass
    Kandy Warriors vs Jaffna KingsTTMF Kandy Over at 10.5 at 2.00NA
    7th DecMelbourne Renegades vs Adelaide StrikersTMS Under 10.5 at 1.90Pass
    Jaffna Kings vs Dambulla GiantsTMF Under 24.5 at 1.81Pass
    Kandy Warriors vs Galle GladiatorsTMF Over 24.5 at 1.83Pass
    6th DecSydney Thunder vs Brisbane HeatTMF Over 24.5 at 1.90Pass
    Dambulla Giants vs Kandy WarriorsTMF Over 24.5 at 1.90Pass
    Colombo Stars vs Galle GladiatorsTMF Under 25.5 at 1.80Pass
    5th DecSydney Sixers vs Melbourne StarsMMF Melbourne Stars at 1.80Fail
    Galle Gladiators vs Jaffna KingsMMF Galle Gladiators at 2.00Pass
    4th DecBangla Tigers vs Team Abu DhabiTMS Over 16.5 at 1.76Fail
    3rd DecNorthern Knight vs OtagoTRIM Over 320.5 at 1.90NA
    2nd DecTeam Abu Dhabi vs Delhi BullsMMS Delhi bulls at 1.81Pass
    1st DecDeccan Gladiators vs Bangla TigersMMS Bangla Tigers at 2.04Fail
    29th NovDeccan Gladiators vs Team Abu DhabiTMS Over 14.5 at 1.87Pass
    27th NovScorchers Women vs Strikers WomenMMS Strikers Women at 1.90Pass
    26th NovCanterbury vs WellingtonMMS Wellington at 2.12Pass
    25th NovRenegades Women vs Strikers WomenTRIM Under at 267.5 at 1.87Pass
    22nd NovPakistan vs BangladeshTMF Under 19.5 at 1.87Pass
    21st NovIndia vs New ZealandTRIM Under 327.5 at 1.90Pass
    19th NovIndia vs New ZealandTTMS New Zealand Over 4.5 at 2.00Pass
    17th NovIndia vs New ZealandTRIM Over 308.5 at 1.90Pass
    12th NovNew Zealand vs AustraliaTMS Over 11.5 at 1.80Pass
    11th NovAustralia vs PakistanTMS Over 9.5 at 1.95Pass
    10th NovEngland vs New ZealandTMS Over 10.5 at 1.84Pass
    8th NovIndia vs NamibiaTTMS Namibia Over 3.5 at 2.02Fail
    7th NovNew Zealand vs AfghanistanMMS Afghanistan at 2.05Pass
    Pakistan vs ScotlandTMS Under 8.5 at 2.08Fail
    6th NovAustralia vs West IndiesTMS Over 10.5 at 1.84Pass
    England vs South AfricaTTMS South Africa Over 5.5 at 2.12Pass
    5th NovNew Zealand vs NamibiaTMS Under 10.5 at 1.87Pass
    India vs ScotlandTTMS India Over 7.5 at 1.84Fail
    4th NovAustralia vs BangladeshTTMS Australia Over 4.5 at 2.00Pass
    West Indies vs Sri LankaTTMS West Indies Over 5.5 at 1.79Pass
    3rd NovNew Zealand vs ScotlandTMF Under 24.5 at 1.77Pass
    India vs AfghanistanTMF Under 25.5 at 1.91Fail
    2nd NovBangladesh vs South AfricaTMF Under 25.5 at 1.80Pass
    Namibia vs PakistanTMS Over 8.5 at 1.70Pass
    1st NovEngland vs Sri LankaTMS Over 11.5 at 1.91Pass

    Total Tips: 144

    Pass: 98

    Accuracy: 98/144 or  68%

    31st OctAfghanistan vs NamibiaTMS Over 9.5 at 1.87Fail
    India vs New ZealandTTMF India Over 13.5 at 2.02Fail
    30th OctSouth Africa vs Sri LankaTRIM Over 277.5 at 1.90Pass
    England vs AustraliaTRIM Over 301.5 at 1.90Fail
    29th OctWest Indies vs BangladeshTMS Over 10.5 at 1.87Fail
    Pakistan vs AfghanistanMMS Afghanistan at 2.31Fail
    28th OctAustralia vs Sri LankaTMS Under 9.5 at 1.95Pass
    27th OctEngland vs BangladeshTRIM Over 295.5 at 1.90Fail
    Scotland vs NamibiaTMF Under 22.5 at 1.87Pass
    26th OctWest Indies vs South AfricaTMS Over 11.5 at 1.78Pass
    Pakistan vs New ZealandTMS Over 8.5 at 1.91Pass
    25th OctScotland vs AfghanistanTMS Over 9.5 at 1.73Pass
    24th OctSri Lanka vs BangladeshTMS Under 10.5 at 1.81Fail
    India vs PakistanTMS Under 10.5 at 1.97Pass
    23rd OctAustralia vs South AfricaTMS Under at 10.5 at 1.89Pass
    England vs West IndiesTMS Under 13.5 at 1.80Pass
    22nd OctNamibia vs IrelandTRIM Over 280.5 at 1.90Fail
    Sri Lanka vs NetherlandsTMS Under 10.5 at 1.96Pass
    21st OctBangladesh vs Papua New GuineaTMS Over 8.5 at 1.87Pass
    Oman vs ScotlandTMS Over 8.5 at 1.87Pass
    20th OctNamibia vs NetherlandsMMS Namibia at 2.37Pass
    Sri Lanka vs IrelandTMS Over 9.5 at 1.90Fail
    19th OctScotland vs Papua New GuineaTMF Over 22.5 at 1.90Pass
    Oman vs BangladeshTMS Over 9.5 at 1.83Pass
    18th OctIreland vs NetherlandsMMS Netherlands at 2.15Fail
    Namibia vs Sri LankaTRIM Over 286.5 at 2.00Fail
    17th OctOman vs Papua New GuineaTRIM Under 269.5 at 1.83Pass
    Bangladesh vs ScotlandMMS Bangladesh at 1.76Fail
    15th OctChennai vs KolkataTRIM Over 306.5 at 1.83Pass
    13th OctDelhi vs KolkataTMS Over 10.5 at 1.90Pass
    11th OctBangalore vs KolkataTMF Over 22.5 at 1.83Fail
    9th OctDelhi vs ChennaiMMS Delhi at 2.50Pass
    8th OctHyderabad vs MumbaiTRM Over 300.5 at 1.83Pass
    Delhi vs BangaloreTMS Over 10.5 at 1.83Pass
    7th OctChennai vs PunjabMMS Punjab at 2.10Pass
    Kolkata vs RajasthanTRIM Over 285.5 at 1.83Fail
    6th OctBangalore vs HyderabadTMS Under 9.5 at 2.20Pass
    5th OctMumbai vs RajasthanTRIM Under 286.5 at 1.83Pass
    4th OctDelhi vs ChennaiTMS Under 11.5 at 1.90Pass
    3rd OctBangalore vs PunjabTRIM over 288.5 at 1.90Pass
    Kolkata vs HyderabadMMS Hyderabad at 2.20Pass
    2nd OctMumbai Indians vs Delhi CapitalsTMF Under 23.5 at 1.80Pass
    Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super KingsTRM Over 292.5 at 1.83Pass
    1 OctKolkata Knight Riders vs Punjab KingsMMS Kolkata at 2.20Fail
    30 SepChennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers HyderabadTMF Over 24.5 at 1.83Fail
    29 SepRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan RoyalsTRIM Under 314.5 at 1.83Pass
    28 SepKolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi CapitalsTMF Under 25.5 at 1.83Pass
    Mumbai Indians vs Punjab KingsTMF Under 26.5 at 1.83Pass
    27 SepSunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan RoyalsTMS Under 11.5 at 2.00Pass
    26 SepChennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight RidersTMS Under 10.5 at 2.00Pass
    Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers BangaloreMMS Bangalore at 2.25Pass
    25 SepDelhi Capitals vs Rajasthan RoyalsTMS Over 11.5 at 1.90Fail
    Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Punjab KingsMMS Hyderabad at 2.20Pass
    24 SepRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super KingsMMS Chennai 1.80Pass
    23 SepMumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight RidersTMF Under 25.5 at 1.83Pass
    22 SepDelhi Capitals vs Sunrisers HyderabadTMF Under 27.5 at 1.83Pass
    21 SepPunjab Kings vs Rajasthan RoyalsMMS Rajasthan Royals at 2.20Pass
    20 SepKolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers BangaloreMMS Bangalore at 2.00Fail
    19 SepChennai Super Kings vs Mumbai IndiansTMS Over 11.5 at 1.83Fail
    18 SepHampshire vs SomersetTMS Over 11.5 at 1.72Pass
    17 SepPakistan vs New ZealandTMF Under 44.5 at 1.90Abandoned
    Scotland vs ZimbabweMMS Draw at 2.05Pass
    16 SepWest Indies Women vs South Africa WomenMMS South Africa Women at 2.40Fail
    15 SepScotland vs ZimbabweMMS Zimbabwe at 2.00Fail
    8 SepBangladesh vs New ZealandTRIM Over 247.5 at 1.83Pass
    7 SepSri Lanka vs South AfricaTRIM Under 502.5 at 2.00Pass
    6 SepSouth Africa vs GhanaPass
    5 SepBangladesh vs New ZealandMMS Bangladesh at 2.15Fail
    4 SepIreland vs ZimbabweMMS Ireland at 2.87Pass
    3 SepBangladesh vs New ZealandMMS New Zealand at 2.10Pass
    2 SepSri Lanka vs South AfricaTRIM Over 498.5 at 1.83Pass
    1 SepBangladesh vs New ZealandMMS Bangladesh at 2.30Fail
    31st AugustTrinbago Knight Riders vs St Lucia KingsTMF Over 22.5 at 2.00Pass
    30th AugustEgypt vs AngolaFail
    29th AugustIreland vs ZimbabweMMS Zimbabwe at 2.35Pass
    28th AugustAston Villa vs BrentfordFail
    27th AugustIreland vs ZimbabweMMS Zimbabwe at 2.37Pass
    26th AugustGuyana Amazon Warriors vs Trinbago Knight RidersTMS Over 13.5 at 1.75Pass
    25th AugustNottinghamshire vs HampshireTRIM Over 334.5 at 1.83Fail
    24th AugustYorkshire vs SussexTRIM Over 312.5 at 1.83Pass
    23rd AugustRosenborg BK 2 vs KjelsasFail
    22nd AugustSouthampton vs Man UnitedFail
    21st AugustCrystal Palace vs BrentfordPass
    20th AugustSouthern Brave vs Trent RocketsTRIM Under 280.5 at 1.83Pass
    19th AugustGlamorgan vs DurhamMMS Durham at 1.72Fail
    18th AugustWelsh Fire vs London SpiritTRIM Over 280.5 at 1.83Pass
    17th AugustBirmingham Phoenix vs Northern SuperchargersTMF Under 25.5 at 1.83Pass
    16th AugustSouthern Brave vs Oval InvinciblesMMS Southern Brave at 2.15Fail
    Mem Grizzlies vs CHI BullsPass
    15th AugustTrent Rockets vs Manchester OriginalsMMS Trent Rockets at 1.95Fail
    14th AugustOval Invincibles vs London SpiritIS Over 149.5 at 1.83Pass
    13th AugustTrent Rockets vs Birmingham PhoenixTRIM Over 297.5 at 2.00Pass
    Valencia vs GetafeFail
    12th AugustNorthern Superchargers vs Manchester OriginalsTRIM Over 301.5 at 1.83Pass
    11th AugustSouthern Brave vs Welsh FireMMS Southern Brave at 2.00Fail
    10th AugustManchester Originals vs London SpiritMMS London Spirit at 2.10Fail
    Surrey vs WarwickshireMMS Surrey at 2.10Pass
    9th AugustAustralia vs BangladeshMMS Bangladesh at 2.62Pass
    LA Lakers vs PHX SunsPass
    8th AugustOval Invincibles vs Trent RocketsMMS Trent Rockets at 2.05Fail
    Kent vs HampshireMMS Hampshire at 2.05Pass
    7th AugustAustralia vs BangladeshTRIM Over 255.5 at 1.83Pass
    Southern Brave vs Northern SuperchargersMMS Northern Superchargers at 1.95Fail
    6th AugustBangladesh vs AustraliaTMS Over 7.5 at 2.10Pass
    Welsh Fire vs Trent RocketsTRIM Under 293.5 at 1.83Pass
    5th AugustSurrey vs SomersetMMS Somerset at 2.10Rain
    Manchester Originals vs Southern BraveTRIM Over 279.5 at 1.83Rain
    4th AugustBirmingham Phoenix vs Oval InvinciblesTRIM Under 294.5 atFail
    3rd AugustAustralia vs BangladeshTMF Over 24.5 at 1.83Fail
    2nd AugustOval Invincibles vs Welsh FireTRIM Under 194.5 at 1.83Pass
    1st AugustWest Indies vs PakistanTMF Over 23.5 at 1.90Rain
    31st JulySouth Korea Olympic vs Mexico OlympicPass
    West Indies vs PakistanTRIM Under 314.5 at 1.83Pass
    30th JulyDerbyshire vs GlamorganMMS Derbyshire at 2.37Rain
    29th JulyIndia vs Sri LankaMMS India at 1.90Fail
    28th JulyIndia vs SrilankaTRIM Under 320.5 at 1.83Pass
    26th JulyTrent Rockets vs Northern SuperchargesMMS Northern Supercharges at 2.05Fail
    25th JulyZimbabwe vs BangladeshTMS Over 7.5 at 1.83Pass
    24th JulySouth Africa vs IrelandTMS Over 9.5 at 1.83Fail
    23rd JulySri Lanka vs IndiaTMF Under 45.5 at 1.83Fail
    22nd JulyOval Invincibles vs Manchester originalsTMF Over 25.5 at 1.83Pass
    21st JulyGamba Osaka vs Vissel KobePass
    20th JulyIndia vs Sri LankaTMS Under 10.5 at 1.83Pass
    19th JulyIreland vs South AfricaTMS Over 12.5 at 1.83Fail
    18th JulyEngland vs PakistanTRIM Over 335.5 at 1.66Pass
    17th JulyLancashire vs YorkshireTRIM Under 325.5 at 1.83Pass
    16th JulyEngland vs PakistanMMS Pakistan at 3.20Fail
    15th JulyWest Indies Women vs Pakistan WomenMMS West Indies Women at 1.57Pass
    14th JulyEngland Women vs India WomenMMS India Women at 2.40Pass
    13th JulyEngland vs PakistanMMS Pakistan at 2.10Pass
    12th JulyPakistan Women vs West Indies WomenMMS Pakistan Women at 6.00Pass
    11th JulySouth Africa vs IrelandTMS Over 11.5 at 1.83No Result
    10th JulyEngland vs PakistanTMS Over 8.5 at 1.83Pass
    9th JulyNovak D vs Denish SPass
    8th JulyEngland vs PakistanMMS Pakistan at 2.25Pass
    7th JulyWest Indies Women vs Pakistan WomenMMS Pakistan Women at 5.50Fail
    6th JulyMuchova K vs Kerber APass
    5th JulyDenish Shapovalov vs Roberto Bautista AgutPass
    4th JulyEngland vs Sri LankaMMS England at 1.45No Result
    30th JuneIndia Women vs England WomenMMS India WomenPass
    30th JuneUlinzi Stars vs TuskerPass
    29th JuneGermany vs EnglandFail
    29th JuneEngland vs Sri LankaTMS Over 10.5 at 1.83Pass
    28th JuneAndy Murray vs Nikoloz BasilashviliPass
    27th JuneWest Indies vs South AfricaHOPS SA at 1.90Pass
    27th JuneBelgium vs PortugalPass
    26th JuneWales vs DenmarkFail
    24th JuneLorenzo Sonego vs Alexander BublikPass
    24th JuneMultan Sultans vs Peshawar ZalmiBTMF Shan Masood Over 2.5 at 1.83Pass
    24th JuneRoyal AM FC vs Richards Bay FCAbandoned
    23rd JuneEngland vs Sri LankaSL TTMS Over 4.5 at 1.90Pass
    23rd JuneLA Clippers vs PHX SunsPass
    22nd JuneIslamabad vs Peshawar ZalmiTMS Over 11.5 at 1.83Pass
    21st JuneIslamabad vs MultanMMS MS at 2.15Pass
    21st JuneUkraine vs AustriaFail
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