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Old Tennis Records by Experts Free Tips

    Here in this post, we have kept our old records of tennis provided by our Experts Free Tips website.

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    • Total: 269
    • Pass: 217
    • Accuracy: 217/269 or 81%
    4th AugOsorio c vs Raducanu ERaducanu E Wins at 1.45
    Martincova T vs Azarenka VAzarenka V Wins at 1.30
    Liu C vs Kudermetova VKudermetova V Wins at 1.45
    3rd AugRune H vs Paire BRune H Wins at 1.35Pass
    De Minaur A vs Nishioka YDe Minaur A Wins at 1.35Fail
    Korda S vs Baez SKorda S Wins at 1.40Pass
    1st AugBelluci M vs Zukas MBelluci M Wins at 1.35Pass
    Neumayer L vs Perchicot MNeumayer LWins at 1.30Pass
    Osaka N vs Zheng QOsaka N Wins at 1.50Pass
    31st JulyKoepfer D vs Machozuki SKoepfer D Wins at 1.47Pass
    Garcia C vs Bogdan AGarcia C Wins at 1.40Pass
    Potapova A vs Bouzkova MPotapova A Wins at 2.02Fail
    30th JulyRitschard A vs Stricker DRitschard A Wins at 1.68Fail
    Gacia C vs Paolini JGarcia c Wins at 1.59Pass
    Bouzkova M vs Noskova LBouzkova M Wins at 1.30Pass
    29th JulyCecchinato M vs Agamenone FCecchinato M Wins at 1.73Fail
    Kontaveit A vs Poptapova AKontaveit A Wins at 1.50Fail
    Bouzkova M vs SelekmetovaBouzkova M Wins at 1.25Pass
    28th JulyMisolic F vs Lajovic DLajovic D Wins at 1.45Pass
    Agamenone F vs Baez SBaez S Wins at 1.20Pass
    Cornet A vs Naskova LCornet A Wins at 1.45Fail
    27th JulyOfner S vs Thiem DThiem D Wins at 1.33Pass
    Kwon S vs Paul TPaul T Wins at 1.40Pass
    Podoroska N vs Pigossi LPodoroska N Wins at 1.38Fail
    25th JulyNakashima B vs Thompson JNakashima B Wins at 1.35Pass
    Millman J vs Popyrin AIMillman J Wins at 2.05Pass
    Brooksby J vs Paire BBrooksby J Wins at 1.20Pass
    23rd JulyPiros Z vs Lokoli LPiros Z WIns at 1.65Pass
    Ruud C vs Ramos ARuud C Wins at 1.25Pass
    Bergs Z vs Gakhov IBergs Z Wins at 1.30Fail
    21st JulyThiem D vs Delbonis FThiem D Wins at 1.50Pass
    Alcaraz C vs Krajinovic FAlcaraz C Wins at 1.25Pass
    Krejcikova B vs Potapova AKrejcikova B Wins at 1.43Pass
    20th JulyMunar J vs Ritschard AMunar J Wins at 1.37Pass
    Ruud C vs Lehecka JRuud C Wins at 1.21Pass
    Carreno Busta P vs Molcan ACarreno Busta P Wins at 1.58Fail
    18th JulyGombos N vs Gaio FGombos N Wins at 1.30Pass
    Struff JL vs Khackanov KStruff JL Over 0.5 Set at 1.50Pass
    16th JulyCerundolo F vs Carreno Busta PCarreno Busta P Wins at 1.55Fail
    Krunic A vs Putintseva YPutintseva Y Wins at 1.55Fail
    Kubller J vs Bublik ABublik A Wins at 1.55Pass
    14th JulyThiem D vs Bautista Agut RTGP Over 19.5 at 1.50Pass
    Johnson S vs Cressy MCressy M Wins at 1.41Pass
    Putintseva Y vs Pigossi LPutintseva Y Wins at 1.20Pass
    13th JulyRamos A vs Carreno Busta PCarreno Busta P Wins at 1.50Pass
    Schwartzman D vs Ymer ESchwartzman D Wins at 1.25Pass
    Siniakova K vs Kalinina AKalinina A Wins at 1.45Retired
    12th JulyCollins D vs Waltert SCollins DR Wins at 1.25Fail
    Siegemund L vs Krunic ASiegmund L Wins at 1.65Fail
    Querrey S vs Murray AMurray A Wins at 1.36Pass
    10th JulyDjokovic N vs Kyrgios NTGP Over 35.5 at 1.50Pass
    Celikbilek A vs O Connell CO connell C Wins at 1.40Retired
    Jean Jean vs PapadakisJean Jean Wins at 1.30Pass
    9th JulyRybakina E vs Jabeur OJabeur O Wins at 1.70Fail
    Marterer M vs Struff JLStruff JL Wins at 1.50Pass
    Duckworth J vs Celikbilek ADuckworth J Wins at 1.40Fail
    8th JulyDjokovic N vs Norrie CTGP Over 27.5 at 1.40Pass
    Kyrgios N vs Nadal RKyrgios N Wins at 1.70Pass
    Tirante TA vs Masur DTirante TA Wins at 1.65Pass
    6th JulyGarin C vs Kyrgios NKyrgios N Wins at 1.29Pass
    Fritz T vs Nadal RNadal R Wins at 1.40Pass
    Tomljanovic A vs Rybakina ETGP Over 18.5 at 1.35Pass
    5th JulyGoffin D vs Norrie CTS Over 3.5 at 1.55Pass
    Djokovic N vs Sinner JDjokovic N Wins -1 at 1.40Pass
    Djokovic n vs Sinner JTGP Over 30.5 at 1.45Pass
    3rd JulyDjokovic N vs Van Rjithoven TTGP Over 28.5 at 1.50Pass
    Sinner J vs Alcaraz CTGP Over 34.5 at 1.60Pass
    Maria T vs Ostapenko JOstapenko J Wins at 1.25Fail
    2nd JulySonego L vs Nadal RNadal R Wins at 1.21Pass
    Nakashima vs galan Riveros DETGP Over 29.5 at 1.45Pass
    Molcan A vs Fritz TFritz T Wins at 1.25Pass
    30th JuneDart H vs Pegula JPegula J Wins at 1.30Pass
    Tomlijnovic A vs Harrison CTomlijanovic A Wins at 1.20Pass
    Liu C vs Cornet ACornet A Wins at 1.50Pass
    29th JuneMurray A vs Isner JMurray A Wins at 1.40Fail
    Sinner J vs Ymner MSinner J Wins at 1.25Pass
    Otte O vs Harrison COtte O Wins at 1.27Pass
    28th JuneDodin O vs Ostapenko JOstapenko J Wins at 1.30Pass
    Harrison C vs Rus ARus A Wins at 1.40Fail
    Kostyuk M vs Swan KKostyuk M Wins at 1.50Pass
    26th JunePerez CS vs Gengel MGengel M Wins at 1.30Pass
    De Schepper K vs Reymond ADe Schepper K Wins at 1.50Fail
    Coria F vs Pessaro FTGP Over 19.5 at 1.45Pass
    24th JuneCornet A vs Garcia CCornet A Wins at 1.62Pass
    Ostapenko J vs Giorgi COstapenko J Wins at 1.66Pass
    Haddad maia B vs Kvitova PTGP Over 18.5 at 1.30Pass
    23rd JuneHon P vs Hives ZHan P Wins at 1.25Cancel
    Bjorklund M vs Carle MBjorklund M Wins at 1.40Pass
    Sock J vs Grenier HSock J Wins at 1.35Pass
    22nd JuneSwan K vs Andreescu BAndreescu B Wins at 1.35Pass
    Medvedev D vs Karatsev ATGP Over 19.5 at 1.50Pass
    Griekspoor T vs Muller AGriekspoor T Wins at 1.61Pass
    21st JuneRybakina E vs Tsurenko LRybakina E Wins at 1.37Fail
    Kalinina A vs Sakkari MSakkari M Wins at 1.30Fail
    Davidovich Fokina A vs Martinez PDavidovich Fokina Wins at 1.30Fail
    20th JuneTiafoe F vs Bublik ABublik A Wins at 2.10Pass
    Clarke J vs Nakashima BNakashima B Wins at 1.25Pass
    De Minaur A vs Garin CTGP Over 19.5 at 1.55Fail
    17th JuneRuusuvuori E vs Cilic MCilic M Wins at 1.40Pass
    Paul T vs Berrettini MBerrettini M Wins at 1.40Pass
    Medvedev D vs Bautista Agut RMedvedev d Wins at 1.45Pass
    14th JuneKorda S vs Garin CKorda S Wins at 1.36Pass
    Karatsev A vs Khackanov KKhackanov K Wins at 1.28Pass
    Jubb P vs Van De ZandschulpV D Zandschulp Wins at 1.49Pass
    13th JuneMusetti L vs Bublik ABublik A Wins at 1.53Pass
    Fritz T vs Draper JFritz T Wins at 1.50Fail
    Kasatkina D vs Kalinina AKasatkina D Wins at 1.45Pass
    10th JuneRogers S vs Flipkens KRogers S Wins at 1.45Pass
    Sabalenka A vs Van Uytvanck ATGP Over 19.5 at 1.63Pass
    Bonzi B vs Otte OTGP Over 19.5 at 1.30Pass
    8th JuneBrooksby J vs Gaston HBrooksby J Wins at 1.30Cancel
    Albot R vs Berrettini MTGP Over 19.5 at 1.40Pass
    Otte O vs Shapovalov DTGP Over 20.5 at 1.40Pass
    5th JuneNadal R vs Ruud CTGM Over 30.5 at 1.50Fail
    Safiullin R vs Rodionov JSafiullin R Wins at 1.67Pass
    Gadecki O vs Fruhvirtova LFruhvirtova L Wins at 1.28Pass
    3rd JuneNadal R vs Zverev aNadal R Wins at 1.35Pass
    Ruud C vs Cilic MTGP Over 32.5 at 1.45Pass
    Daniel T vs Munar JMunar J Wins at 1.50Pass
    31st MayDjokovic N vs Nadel RTGP Over 32.5 at 1.50Pass
    Gauff C vs Stephens SGauff C Wins at 1.55Pass
    Giannessi A vs Munar JMunar J Wins at 1.25Pass
    30th MayCilic M vs Medvedev DMedvedev D Wins at 1.35Fail
    Ruud C vs Hurkacz HTS over 3.5 at 1.50Pass
    Pegula J vs Begu IPegula J Wins at 1.50Pass
    29th MayTeichmann J vs Stephens STeichmann J Wins at 1.55Fail
    Auger AF vs Nadal RNadal R (-1 Set) WinsPass
    Mertens E vs Gauff CTGP Over 18.5 at 1.50Fail
    28th MayBadosa P vs Kudermetova VBadosa P Wins at 1.35Retired
    Giorgi C vs Sabalenka ATGP Over 18.5 at 1.45Pass
    Begu I vs Jeanjean LBegu I Wins at 1.38Pass
    26th MayDjere L vs Medvedev DMedvedev D Wins at 1.40Pass
    Kecmanovic M vs Bublik ATGP Over 31.5 at 1.45Pass
    Tiafoe F vs Goffin DTiafoe f Over 0.5 Sets at 1.50Pass
    24th MayGaston H vs De Minaour AGaston H Wins at 1.20Pass
    Lehecka J vs Goffin DGoffin D Wins at 1.45Pass
    Tiafoe F vs Bonzi BTiafoe F Wins at 1.64Pass
    23rd MayKecmenovic M vs Etcheverry TMKecmenovic M Wins at 1.40Pass
    Fucsocivcs M vs BlancaneauxFucsocivcs M Wins at 1.38Pass
    Lajovic D vs Baez SBaez S wins at 1.38Pass
    21st MaySousa J vs Ruud CTGP Over 18.5 at 1.55Pass
    Norrie C vs Molcan ATGP Over 18.5 at 1.30Pass
    Arnaldi M vs Casanova HArnaldi M Wins at 1.40Pass
    20th MayGombos N vs van Rjithoven TGombos N Wins at 1.55Pass
    Tsurenko L vs Naito YTsurenko L Wins at 1.35Pass
    Norrie C vs Rune HTGP Over 19.5 at 1.40Pass
    19th MayZapata Miralles vs Nardi LZapata Miralles Wins at 1.45Pass
    Siegmund L vs Busca CSiegmund L Wins at 1.45Pass
    Gasquet R vs Majchrzak KTGP Over 19.5 at 1.40Pass
    17th MayGaubeva A vs Ferro FFerro F Wins at 1.35Pass
    Medvedev vs Gasquet RMedvedev Wins at 1.40Pass
    Uchida K vs VanselboimUchida K Wins at 2.10Pass
    16th MayDelbonis F vs Berankis RDelbonis f Wins at 1.37Pass
    Thiem D vs Cecchinato MThiem D Wins at 1.48Fail
    Kwon S vs Bedene AKwon S Wins at 1.40Pass
    14th MayDjokovic N vs Ruud CTGP Over 18.5 at 1.39Pass
    Jabbour O vs Kasatkina DJabbour O Wins at 1.40Pass
    Kanepi K vs Liu CTGP Over 19.5 at 1.50Pass
    13th MayKenepi K vs Vekic DKenepi K Wins at 1.55Pass
    Swiatek I vs Andreescu BSwiatek I Wins at 1.20Pass
    Shapovalov D vs Ruud CShapovalov D Wins at 1.50Fail
    12th MayNadal R vs Shapovalov DNadal R 2-0 Wins at 1.45Pass
    De Minaour A vs Zverev AZverev A Wins t 1.32Pass
    Putintseva Y vs Jabbeour OJabbour O Wins at 1.50Pass
    10th MayDavidovich vs Auger AFTGP Over 19.5 at 1.40Pass
    Hurkacz H vs Goffin DTGP Over 19.5 at 1.40Pass
    Dimitrov G vs Naksshima BDimitrov G Wins at 1.40Pass
    6th MayRublev A vs Tsitipas STsitipas S Wins at 1.40Pass
    Djokovic N vs Hurkcaz HDjokovic N Wins at 1.35Pass
    Muller A vs Jarry NJarry N Wins at 1.40Pass
    5th MayDimitrov G vs Tsitipas STsitipas S Wins at 1.35Pass
    Rublev A vs Evans DRublev A Wins at 1.28Pass
    Alexandrova E vs Jabeur OJabeur O Wins at 1.48Pass
    4th MaySchwartzman D vs Dimitrov GTGP Over 19.5 at 1.50Fail
    Nadal R vs Kecmanovic MNadal R (2-0) Wins at 1.45Pass
    Cilic M vs Zverev AZverev A Wins at 1.25Pass
    3rd MayTeichmann JB vs Rybakina ERybakina E Wins at 1.40Fail
    Rublev A vs Draper JRublev A Wins at 1.25Pass
    Djokovic N vs Monfils GDjokovic N Wins at 1.25Pass
    2nd MayPaul T vs Sinner JSinner J Wins at 1.33Pass
    Harris L vs Davidovich FokinaDavidovich F.A Wins at 1.37Pass
    Bouzkova M vs Alexandrova ETGP Over 18.5 at 1.40Pass
    1st MaySiniakova K vs Rybakina ERybakina E Wins at 1.27Pass
    Kalinina A vs Muguruza GTGP Over 18.5 at 1.40Pass
    McDonald M vs Delien HTGP Over 19.5 at 1.50Pass
    30th AprGauff C vs Putinseva YTGP Over 17.5 at 1.35Pass
    Halep S vs Badosa PBadosa P Wins at 1.75Fail
    Jabbour O vs Gracheva VJabbour O Wins at 1.20Pass
    29th AprFruhvirtova L vs Kanepi KKanepi K Wins ta 1.50Pass
    Kostyuk M vs Tauson CKostyuk M Wins at 1.83Pass
    Van De Zandschulp vs Ruud CRuud C Wins at 1.32Fail
    28th AprAuger AF vs Taberner CAuger AF Wins at 1.40Pass
    Kudermetova V vs Badosa PBadosa P Wins at 1.45Pass
    Minnen G vs Yastremska DYastremska D Wins ta 1.30Pass
    27th AprRuusuvuori E vs Cressy MRuusuvuori E Wins at 1.45Pass
    Yastremska D vs Tan HYastremska D Wins at 1.30Pass
    Linette M vs Schmi Edlova KLinette M Wins at 1.55Fail
    26th AprBonzi B vs Thiem DThiem D Wins at 1.55Fail
    Vesely J vs Dellien HDellien H Wins at 1.50Pass
    Juarez F vs Ugo Carabelli CUgo Carabelli C Wins at 1.35Pass
    25th AprLajovic D vs Tiafoe FTiafoe F Wins at 1.60Pass
    Escobedo E vs Istomin DEscobedo E Wins at 1.50Pass
    Gojo B vs Peniston RGojo B Wins at 1.45Fail
    24th AprDjokovic N vs Rublev ADjokovic N Wins at 1.39Fail
    Delian H vs Purcell MDelian H Wins at 1.25Pass
    Swiatek I vs Sabalenka ASwiatek I Wins at 1.45Pass
    22nd AprSchwartzman D vs Musetti LSchwartzman D Wins at 1.48Pass
    Carreno Busta P vs Sonego LCarreno Busta P Wins at 1.59Pass
    Huesler M vs Cazaux AHuesler M Wins at 1.50Pass
    20th AprTsitipas S vs Ivashka IFt 2-0 Tsitipas S Wins at 1.50Fail
    De Minaur A vs Humbert UDe Minaur A Wins at 1.45Pass
    Mertens E vs Peterson RMertense E Wins at 1.40Fail
    17th AprDavidovich F A vs Tsitipas STsitipas S Wins at 1.25Pass
    Gurri M vs Varona NVarona N Wins at 1.25Pass
    Cachin P vs Trungelliti MCachin P Wins at 1.60Pass
    15th AprSchwartzman D vs Tsitipas STsitipas S Wins ar 1.45Pass
    Galan Riveros vs Andreev AGalan Riveros Wins at 1.30Pass
    Shan L vs Huesler MHuesler M Wins at 1.39Pass
    14th AprMusetti L vs Schwartzman DSchwartzman D Wins at 1.65Pass
    Ruud C vs Dimitrov GRuud C Wins at 1.25Fail
    Jhonson S vs Watanuki YJohnson S Wins at 1.30Pass
    13th AprFucsovics M vs SchwartzmanSchwatzman D Wins at 1.39Pass
    Carreno Busta P vs Bublik ACarreno Busta P Wins at 1.28Pass
    Aliassime AF vs Musetti LAliassime AF Wins at 1.67Pass
    11th AprCoric B vs Sinner JSinner J Wins at 1.37Pass
    Darderi L vs Napolitano SDarderi L Wins at 1.40Pass
    Barranco CJ vs Oliel YBarranco CJ Wins at 1.45Fail
    9th AprOtte O vs Varcherot VOtte O Wins CSS 2-0 at 1.45Pass
    Taberner C vs Sousa JTaberner C Wins at 1.45Pass
    Tiafoe F vs Isner JTiafoe F Wins at 1.90Pass
    8th AprCoria F vs Gasquet RCoria F Wins at 1.78Pass
    Collarini A vs Morreno De AMorreno De A Wins at 1.45Pass
    Gombos N vs Trungelliti MGombos N Wins at 1.42Pass
    7th AprAuger AF vs Molcan AAuger AF Wins at 1.36Fail
    Garin C vs Thompson JGarin C Wins at 1.39Pass
    Fernandez LA vs Linette MLinette M Wins at 1.90Pass
    6th AprMaria T vs Peterson RPeterson R Wins at 1.40Pass
    Cornet A vs Baptiste HTGP Over 18.5 at 1.45Fail
    Kotov P vs Griekspoor TGriekspoor T Wins at 1.50Fail
    5th AprUdvardy P vs Yastremska DYastremska D Wins at 1.35Pass
    Ruse G vs Baptiste HRuse G Wins at 1.40Fail
    Wolf J vs Brooksby JWolf J Wins at 2.70Pass
    4th AprZapata B vs Miralles BZapata B Wins at 1.70Pass
    Taberner C vs Hanffman YHanffman Y Wins at 2.20Fail
    2nd AprEscoffier A vs Draper JDraper J Wins at 1.30Pass
    Osaka N vs Swiatek ISwiatek I Wins at 1.57Pass
    Herdzelas vs Burillo Esco.Burillo Esco Wins at 1.90Fail
    1st AprAlcaraz C vs Kecmanovic MTGP Over 18.5 at 1.40Pass
    Rodionov J vs Stebe CStebe C Wins at 2.00Pass
    Herbert P vs Copil MHerbert P Wins at 1.55Pass
    30th MarBadosa GP vs Pegula JBadosa GP Wins at 1.50Pass
    Ruud C vs Zverev AZverev A Wins at 1.40Fail
    Friedsam AL vs Trevisan MTrevisan M Wins at 1.45Pass
    Nardi L vs Setkic ANardi L Wins at 1.42Pass
    27th MarKaratsev A vs Hurkacz HHurkacz H Wins at 1.50Pass
    McDonald M vs Zverev AZverev A Wins at 1.25Pass
    Tsitipas S vs Wolf JTsitipas S Wins at 1.25Pass
    26th MarKaratsev A vs Humbert UHumbert U Wins at 1.71Fail
    Kecmanovic M vs Auger AFAuger AF Wins at 1.36Fail
    Rinderknech A vs Hurkacz HHurkacz H Wins at 1.37Pass
    25th MarSabalenka A vs Begu ISabalenka A Wins at 1.33Fail
    Gauff C vs Wang QGauff C Wins at 1.50Pass
    Draper J vs Norrie CNorrie C Wins at 1.25Pass
    Carreno Busta P vs Goffin DCarreno Busta P Wins at 1.42Pass
    24th MarBedene A vs Humbert UHumbert U Wins at 1.30Pass
    Baez S vs Majchrzak KMajchrzak K Wins at 1.80Pass
    Gomez E vs Nishioka YNishioka Y Wins at 1.35Pass
    Shang J vs Kudla DKudla D Wins at 1.40Pass
    23rd MarGriekspoor T vs Cerundolo FCerundolo F Wins at 1.40Pass
    22nd MarKanepi K vs Zanevska MKanepi K Wins at 1.50Pass
    Nishioka Y vs Gerasimov ENishioka Y wins at 1.50Pass
    21st MarEscoffier A vs Novak DTGP O 19.5 at 1.45Fail
    Zuk K vs Soeda GZuk K Wins at 1.50Pass
    20th MarKalender A vs Kirkin EKirkin E Wins at 1.40Pass
    Swiatek L vs Sakkari MSwiatek L Wins at 1.55Pass
    19th MarFritz T vs Rublev VTotal Sets 3 at 2.50Fail
    Alcaraz C vs Nadal RNadal R Wins at 1.67Pass
    18th MarKudla D vs Gasquet RKudla D Wins at 2.75Pass
    17th MarBadosa P vs Kudermetova VBadosa P Wins at 1.50Pass
    16th MarIsner J vs Dimitrov GDimitrov G Wins at 2.00Pass
    Berrettini M vs Kecmanovic MKecmanovic M Wins at 2.70Pass

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