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Original Vikram Singh Gandhi Telegram Link- Is He The Best Cricket Betting Tipper In 2023?

    Original Vikram Singh Gandhi telegram Link. Here we have provided you with all the Original Vikram Singh Gandhi Link.

    Vikram Singh Gandhi is one of the oldest cricket tippers in India. He is also referred to as VSG in short and is among one of the best Indian cricket tippers. He is most popular for his tippings in the Indian Premier League (IPL) & even gained his popularity in tipping from it. However, the real name of Vikram Singh Gandhi is Ranbir Roy.


    Vikram Singh Gandhi’s Whatsapp JOIN NOW started with his tipping services in the year 2008. He started gaining some fame among the tippers towards the end of the first season of the Indian Premier League. His work had reached about 80% accuracy that year that too winning a lot of jackpots.

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    Vikram Singh Gandhi claims that he started tipping extremely long time back from Facebook when it did not even have a live option & so he used to post videos for the interested audience. After this phase, the Indian app named ‘Telegram’ was launched which had the feature of delivering all the messages to the interested audience as they had to quickly react to tipping in cricket.

    Original Vikram Singh Gandhi Telegram Link

    Original Vikram Singh Gandhi Telegram Link
    Original Vikram Singh Gandhi



    It is Vikram Singh Gandhi’s responsibility to take care of the investment that is made by his followers & so he used to avoid taking any unwanted risk & so used to take care of the loss cut at the right time. He claims that he took care that his followers never get into betting but rather deal with this as a business by being very careful about the loopholes seen in the cricketers while playing so that the punters keep getting paid.

    He has been doing this work with 85-90% accuracy for around 14 years.  He invests less amount in the first entry and says that one can gain profit only if one is not greedy as greed is the biggest enemy of punters. VSG says that tipping is not at all related to fixing as anyone with any knowledge about fixing would not share it since it is a crime.

    Vikram Singh Gandhi’s Net Worth

    VSG YouTube channel

    $311- $1.87k

    Vikram Singh Gandhi is very active on telegram & has his telegram page for tipping with a huge list of followers. He keeps dropping messages for the youth asking them to not invest their money in betting gambling if one is a student as it is a bad habit. There are many fake channels in the telegram that are made under the name of Vikram Singh Gandhi & so he keeps asking his followers to not believe in the words of anyone who claims to be him & asks for money under his name.

    Vikram Singh Gandhi has a YouTube channel where he used to post videos captioned as episodes in which he used to write about the story of his life. He took a break from writing these episodes in 2016 & resumed dictating his story to his fans in 2019.  Vikram Singh Gandhi had started this betting gambling business with about 20-30 customers but now he has confessed to having around 300 regular customers & a range of 1800-2000 package-based customers.

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