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Vitality T20 Blast 2023 Today Match Prediction & Betting Tips Who Will Win? T20 Blast Prediction

    T20 Blast will begin from 20th May 2023 to 15th July 2023. Here you will get updates on, today’s match-winner, dream 11 team Vitality T20 Blast 2023.

    Both groups (North & South) have 9 teams. This is the 21st Edition of the T20 Blast, which will be played for 40 days period this is the longest T20 domestic League played.

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    T20 Blast Sponsor:

    Vitality So you can say Vitality T20 Blast 2023. This is 6th time that Vitality is the title sponsor for T20 Blast. There will be 131 matches Played this Year.

    Official Site:-

    Broadcast Details

    CountryTV Channel
    IndiaSony Six
    PakistanTen Sports
    UAETen Sports
    USAWillow TV
    AustraliaFox Sports
    South AfricaSuper Sports
    New ZealandSky Sports
    AfghanistanLEMAR Tv
    Live Broadcast

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    T20 Blast Prediction

    Vitality T20 Blast 2023 Prediction T20 Blast Today Match Prediction

    Total: 127 Pass: 98

    Accuracy: 98/127 or 77%

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    15th JulyEssex vs HampshireHampshireBook Set
    Somerset vs SurreySomersetPass
    Final WinnerSomersetPass
    7th JulySomerset vs NottinghamshireSomersetPass
    Lancashire vs SurreyLancashireBook Set
    Hampshire vs WorcestershireHampshirePass
    6th JulyWarwickshire vs EssexWarwickshireBook Set
    2nd JulyHampshire vs GloucestershireHampshirePass
    Warwickshire vs DurhamWarwickshirePass Jackpot
    Surrey vs EssexSurreyFail
    Glamorgan vs MiddlesexMiddlesexPass
    Derbyshire vs WorcestershireWorcestershirePass
    Nottinghamshire vs LeicestershireNottinghamshirePass
    Somerset vs KentSomersetPass
    30th JuneWorcestershire vs DurhamDurhamTie
    Nottinghamshire vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    Surrey vs SomersetSurreyFail
    Kent vs SussexKentFail
    Hampshire vs GlamorganHampshirePass Jackpot
    Lancashire vs YorkshireLancashireRain
    Essex vs MiddlesexEssexBook Set
    Derbyshire vs LeicestershireDerbyshirePass
    23rd JuneDurham vs YorkshireYorkshireRain
    Glamorgan vs SussexGlamorganFail
    Kent vs MiddlesexKentPass
    Leicestershire vs NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshirePass
    Warwickshire vs WorcestershireWarwickshirePass
    Lancashire vs DerbyshireLancashirePass
    Somerset vs GloucestershireSomersetPass
    Hampshire vs EssexHampshirePass
    22nd JuneWorcestershire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshireFail
    Yorkshire vs WarwickshireYorkshireBook Set
    Surrey vs MiddlesexSurreyBook Set
    Gloucestershire vs SussexSussexPass
    Essex vs KentKentPass jackpot
    21st JuneGlamorgan vs SomersetSomersetPass
    Northamptonshire vs DerbyshireNorthamptonshireBook Set
    20th JuneWorcestershire vs LancashireLancashireFail
    Gloucestershire vs HampshireHampshireFail
    Leicestershire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
    Yorkshire vs NorthamptonshireYorkshireFail
    Surrey vs GlamorganSurreyPass
    Durham vs WarwickshireDurhamFail
    Sussex vs KentKentPass
    19th JuneEssex vs SomersetEssexBook Set
    18th JuneDerbyshire vs YorkshireYorkshireFail
    Lancashire vs DurhamLancashirePass
    Surrey vs HampshireHampshirePass
    Middlesex vs EssexEssexPass
    Glamorgan vs GloucestershireGlamorganPass
    Northamptonshire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
    Leicestershire vs WorcestershireWorcestershirePass
    17th JuneGloucestershire vs KentGloucestershireFail
    16th JuneWorcestershire vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    Middlesex vs KentKentPass
    Yorkshire vs LeicestershireLeicestershireFail
    Durham vs DerbyshireDurhamTie
    Northamptonshire vs LancashireLancashirePass
    Sussex vs HampshireHampshireFail
    Essex vs GlamorganEssexPass
    Somerset vs SurreySurreyPass
    9th JuneGloucestershire vs SomersetSomersetPass
    Kent vs HampshireHampshireFail
    Leicestershire vs DurhamLeicestershirePass Jackpot
    Warwickshire vs NorthamptonshireWarwickshirePass Jackpot
    Yorkshire vs WorcestershireYorkshirePass
    Glamorgan vs EssexGlamorganFail
    Derbyshire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
    Sussex vs SurreySurreyPass
    8th JuneMiddlesex vs SussexSussexPass Jackpot
    Nottinghamshire vs DurhamDurhamFail
    7th JuneLancashire vs WorcestershireLancashirePass Jackpot
    Warwickshire vs DerbyshireWarwickshireBook Set
    Glamorgan vs SurreySurreyPass
    Kent vs EssexEssexPass
    Hampshire vs SomersetHampshirePass
    6th JuneMiddlesex vs HampshireHampshirePass
    Durham vs NorthamptonshireDurhamPass
    Leicestershire vs YorkshireYorkshirePass
    Essex vs SussexSussexPass
    4th JuneYorkshire vs DerbyshireYorkshirePass
    Worcestershire vs NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshirePass
    Durham vs LeicestershireLeicestershireJackpot Pass
    Sussex vs GlamorganSussexFail
    Somerset vs EssexSomersetPass
    Gloucestershire vs MiddlesexMiddlesexFail
    Kent vs SurreySurreyPass
    Nottinghamshire vs LancashireLancashireFail
    3rd JuneWarwickshire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass Jackpot
    Hampshire vs SussexHampshirePass
    2nd JuneDurham vs LancashireLancashireFail
    Glamorgan vs KentGlamorganPass
    Northamptonshire vs LeicestershireNorthamptonshirePass
    Somerset vs MiddlesexSomersetPass
    Nottinghamshire vs WorcestershireWorcestershirePass
    Gloucestershire vs SurreySurreyBook Set
    Essex vs HampshireEssexBook Set
    Derbyshire vs WarwickshireWarwickshireBook Set
    1st JuneLeicestershire vs DerbyshireDerbyshirePass Jackpot
    Sussex vs EssexEssexPass Jackpot
    Yorkshire vs LancashireLancashireBook Set
    31st MayMiddlesex vs GlamorganGlamorganPass Jackpot
    Northamptonshire vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    Hampshire vs SurreySurreyPass
    30th MayEssex vs GloucestershireEssexPass
    Kent vs SomersetSomersetPass
    Nottinghamshire vs YorkshireNottinghamshireBook Set
    29th MayWarwickshire vs LancashireLancashireFail
    Worcestershire vs LeicestershireWorcestershirePass
    Middlesex vs GloucestershireMiddlesexBook Set
    Derbyshire vs NorthamptonshireDerbyshireFail
    Durham vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
    28th MayYorkshire vs DurhamYorkshireFail
    Surrey vs SussexSurreyBook Set
    Somerset vs GlamorganSomersetPass
    27th MayLancashire vs NottinghamshireLancashirePass
    26th MayWorcestershire vs YorkshireYorkshireFail
    Surrey vs KentSurreyPass
    Northamptonshire vs DurhamNorthamptonshireFail
    Gloucestershire vs GlamorganGlamorganPass
    Nottinghamshire vs DerbyshireNottinghamshirePass
    Leicestershire vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    Hampshire vs MiddlesexMiddlesexFail
    Sussex vs SomersetSomersetPass
    25th MayLancashire vs LeicestershireLancashirePass
    Middlesex vs SurreySurreyPass
    24th MayNorthamptonshire vs WorcestershireNorthamptonshireFail
    Kent vs GloucestershireKentPass
    Somerset vs HampshireSomersetPass
    20th MayDerbyshire vs LancashireLancashirePass
    Warwickshire vs YorkshireYorkshireBook Set

    2022 T20 Blast Records

    Total: 117 Pass: 90

    Accuracy: 90/117 or 77%

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    16th JulyYorkshire vs LancashireLancashirePass
    Hampshire vs SomersetHampshirePass
    FinalLancashire vs HampshireHampshirePass Jackpot
    9th JulySomerset vs DerbyshireSomersetPass
    8th JulyLancashire vs EssexLancashirePass
    7th JulyWarwickshire vs HampshireWarwickshireFail
    6th JulySurrey vs YorkshireSurreyBook Set
    3rd JulyLeicestershire vs YorkshireYorkshireFail
    Derbyshire vs DurhamDerbyshirePass
    Sussex vs HampshireHampshirePass
    Worcestershire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
    Lancashire vs WarwickshireLancashirePass
    Gloucestershire vs MiddlesexGloucestershirePass
    Somerset vs SurreySurreyFail
    Kent vs GlamorganGlamorganPass
    2nd JulyEssex vs GlamorganEssexPass
    1st JulyWorcestershire vs LancashireLancashireFail
    Middlesex vs SomersetSomersetPass
    Yorkshire vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    Surrey vs KentSurreyPass
    Leicestershire vs NorthamptonshireLeicestershirePass
    Sussex vs EssexEssexPass
    Hampshire vs GloucestershireHampshirePass
    Nottinghamshire vs DurhamNottinghamshirePass
    24th JuneGloucestershire vs HampshireGloucestershireFail
    Durham vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
    Glamorgan vs SomersetSomersetPass
    Northamptonshire vs YorkshireNorthamptonshireFail
    Kent vs SussexKentPass
    Essex vs SurreySurreyFail
    Derbyshire vs LancashireLancashireFail
    Warwickshire vs WorcestershireWarwickshirePass
    23rd JuneLancashire vs DurhamLancashireRain
    Worcestershire vs YorkshireYorkshirePass
    Middlesex vs EssexEssexPass
    Nottinghamshire vs DerbyshireDerbyshireFail
    Sussex vs SurreySussexPass
    Somerset vs HampshireHampshirePass
    22nd JuneNorthamptonshire vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    21st JuneSurrey vs SomersetSurreyPass
    Glamorgan vs MiddlesexGlamorganPass
    Nottinghamshire vs LeicestershireLeicestershirePass
    Derbyshire vs NorthamptonshireDerbyshirePass
    Kent vs GloucestershireGloucestershirePass
    19th JuneDurham vs LeicestershireLeicestershirePass
    Essex vs SomersetEssexFail
    Lancashire vs NottinghamshireLancashirePass
    Middlesex vs KentMiddlesexPass
    Hampshire vs SurreySurreyPass
    Warwickshire vs DerbyshireWarwickshireFail
    Glamorgan vs SussexGlamorganPass
    18th JuneGloucestershire vs GlamorganGloucestershireRain
    Derbyshire vs YorkshireDerbyshirePass
    Worcestershire vs NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshireRain
    17th JuneSurrey vs MiddlesexSurreyPass
    Leicestershire vs WorcestershireLeicestershirePass
    Nottinghamshire vs WarwickshireNottinghamshireFail
    Northamptonshire vs LancashireLancashireFail
    Somerset vs GloucestershireSomersetPass
    Durham vs YorkshireYorkshirePass
    Hampshire vs KentHampshirePass
    Essex vs SussexEssexPass
    10th JuneWorcestershire vs DerbyshireDerbyshirePass
    Warwickshire vs YorkshireWarwickshireFail
    Durham vs LancashireLancashireFail
    Glamorgan vs HampshireHampshirePass
    Somerset vs KentSomersetFail
    Leicestershire vs NottinghamshireLeicestershireFail
    Sussex vs GloucestershireGloucestershirePass
    Essex vs MiddlesexEssexPass
    9th JuneMiddlesex vs SurreySurreyPass
    Gloucestershire vs SomersetSomersetPass
    Northamptonshire vs WorcestershireNorthamptonshirePass
    Hampshire vs EssexEssexFail
    Derbyshire vs LeicestershireLeicestershireFail
    8th JuneDurham vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    Yorkshire vs LancashireYorkshireBook Set
    Surrey vs SussexSurreyPass
    7th JuneMiddlesex vs HampshireMiddlesexFail
    Glamorgan vs GloucestershireGloucestershirePass
    Northamptonshire vs DerbyshireNorthamptonshirePass
    Leicestershire vs LancashireLeicestershireFail
    Essex vs KentEssexPass
    6th JuneYorkshire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshireFail
    5th JuneGlamorgan vs SurreySurreyRain
    Kent vs MiddlesexKentPass
    Warwickshire vs NottinghamshireWarwickshirePass
    Durham vs NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshirePass
    Worcestershire vs LeicestershireLeicestershirePass
    4th JuneHampshire vs SussexHampshirePass
    3rd JuneLancashire vs NorthamptonshireLancashirePass
    Yorkshire vs DurhamYorkshirePass
    Derbyshire vs NottinghamshireNottinghamshirePass
    Sussex vs MiddlesexSussexPass
    2nd JuneWarwickshire vs LeicestershireWarwickshireFail
    Surrey vs HampshireSurreyPass
    Glamorgan vs EssexEssexFail
    1st JuneLancashire vs DerbyshireLancashirePass
    Gloucestershire vs KentKentFail
    Durham vs WorcestershireDurhamPass
    Northamptonshire vs LeicestershireNorthamptonshirePass
    Somerset vs SussexSussexPass
    30th MayYorkshire vs DerbyshireDerbyshirePass
    Surrey vs GloucestershireSurreyPass
    Nottinghamshire vs LancashireLancashirePass
    Essex vs HampshireEssexPass
    29th MayNottinghamshire vs NorthamptonshireNottinghamshireRain
    Hampshire vs SomersetSomersetPass
    28th MayLeicestershire vs DerbyshireLeicestershireFail
    27th MayNorthamptonshire vs DurhamNorthamptonshirePass
    Nottinghamshire vs WorcestershireNottinghamshirePass
    Gloucestershire vs SussexGloucestershirePass
    Lancashire vs YorkshireLancashireTie
    Surrey vs GlamorganSurreyPass
    Derbyshire vs WarwickshireWarwickshirePass
    Hampshire vs MiddlesexMiddlesexPass
    Kent vs EssexEssexPass
    26th MayMiddlesex vs GloucestershireMiddlesexPass
    Warwickshire vs NorthamptonshireWarwickshirePass
    Leicestershire vs DurhamLeicestershireFail
    Sussex vs GlamorganGlamorganPass
    25th MayKent vs SomersetKentFail
    Yorkshire vs WorcestershireYorkshirePass

    Full Vitality T20 Blast 2023 fixtures list:

    May 20thBirmingham Bears vs Yorkshire (Edgbaston),
    Derbyshire vs Lancashire (Edgbaston)
    May 24thSomerset vs Hampshire (Taunton),
    Northamptonshire vs Worcestershire (Northampton),
    Kent vs Gloucestershire(Canterbury)
    May 25thLancashire vs Leicestershire (Old Trafford),
    Middlesex vs Surrey (Lord’s)
    May 26thSurrey vs Kent (The Oval),
    Sussex vs Somerset (Hove),
    Leicestershire vs Birmingham Bears (Leicester),
    Hampshire vs Middlesex (Southampton),
    Northamptonshire vs Durham (Northampton),
    Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan (Bristol),
    Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire (Nottingham),
    Worcestershire vs Yorkshire (Worcester)
    May 27thLancashire vs Nottinghamshire (Old Trafford)
    May 28thYorkshire vs Durham (Headingley),
    Somerset vs Glamorgan (Taunton),
    Surrey vs Sussex (The Oval)
    May 29thWorcestershire vs Leicestershire (Worcester),
    Derbyshire vs Northamptonshire (Derby),
    Middlesex vs Gloucestershire (Northwood),
    Birmingham Bears vs Lancashire (Edgbaston),
    Durham vs Nottinghamshire (Chester-le-Street)
    May 30thEssex vs Gloucestershire (Chelmsford),
    Kent vs Somerset (Canterbury),
    Nottinghamshire vs Yorkshire (Nottingham)
    May 31stHampshire vs Surrey (Southampton),
    Northamptonshire vs Birmingham Bears (Northampton),
    Middlesex vs Glamorgan (Northwood)
    June 1stYorkshire vs Lancashire (Headingley),
    Sussex vs Essex (Hove),
    Leicestershire vs Derbyshire (Leicester)
    June 2ndDurham vs Lancashire (Chester-le-Street),
    Glamorgan vs Kent (Cardiff),
    Essex vs Hampshire (Chelmsford),
    Somerset vs Middlesex (Taunton),
    Northamptonshire vs Leicestershire (Northampton),
    Derbyshire vs Birmingham Bears (Derby),
    Gloucestershire vs Surrey (Bristol),
    Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire (Nottingham)
    June 3rdHampshire vs Sussex (Southampton),
    Birmingham Bears vs Nottinghamshire (Edgbaston)
    June 4thYorkshire vs Derbyshire (Headingley),
    Gloucestershire vs Middlesex (Bristol),
    Nottinghamshire vd Lancashire (Nottingham),
    Durham vs Leicestershire (Chester-le-Street),
    Sussex vs Glamorgan (Hove),
    Somerset vs Essex (Taunton),
    Kent vs Surrey (Canterbury),
    Worcestershire vs Northamptonshire (Worcester)
    June 6thDurham vs Northamptonshire (Chester-le-Street),
    Middlesex vs Hampshire (Radlett),
    Essex vs Sussex (Chelmsford),
    Leicestershire vs Yorkshire (Leicester)
    June 7thHampshire vs Somerset (Southampton),
    Lancashire vs Worcestershire (Blackpool),
    Glamorgan vs Surrey (Cardiff),
    Kent vs Essex (Canterbury),
    Birmingham Bears vs Derbyshire (Edgbaston)
    June 8thMiddlesex vs Sussex (Lord’s),
    Nottinghamshire vs Durham (Nottingham)
    June 9thBirmingham Bears vs Northamptonshire (Edgbaston),
    Yorkshire vs Worcestershire (Headingley),
    Glamorgan vs Essex (Cardiff),
    Sussex vs Surrey (Hove),
    Derbyshire vs Nottinghamshire (Derby),
    Gloucestershire (Bristol),
    Kent vs Hampshire (Canterbury),
    Leicestershire vs Durham (Leicester)
    June 16thYorkshire vs Leicestershire (Headingley),
    Middlesex vs Kent (Lord’s),
    Worcestershire vs Birmingham Bears (Worcester),
    Durham vs Derbyshire (Chester-le-Street),
    Sussex vs Hampshire (Hove),
    Essex vs Glamorgan (Chelmsford),
    Somerset vs Surrey (Taunton),
    Northamptonshire vs Lancashire (Northampton)
    June 17thGloucestershire vs Kent (Bristol)
    June 18thDerbyshire vs Yorkshire (Chesterfield),
    Lancashire vs Durham (Old Trafford),
    Surrey vs Hampshire (The Oval),
    Middlesex vs Essex (Lord’s),
    Glamorgan vs Gloucestershire (Cardiff),
    Northamptonshire vs Nottinghamshire (Northampton),
    Leicestershire vs Worcestershire (Leicester)
    June 19thEssex vs Somerset (Chelmsford)
    June 20thYorkshire vs Northamptonshire (Headingley),
    Surrey vs Glamorgan (The Oval),
    Worcestershire vs Lancashire (Worcester),
    Durham vs Birmingham Bears (Chester-le-Street),
    Sussex vs Kent (Hove),
    Gloucestershire vs Hampshire (Bristol),
    Leicestershire vs Nottinghamshire (Leicester)
    June 21stNorthamptonshire vs Derbyshire (Northampton),
    Glamorgan vs Somerset (Cardiff)
    June 22ndYorkshire vs Birmingham Bears (Headingley),
    Surrey vs Middlesex (The Oval),
    Worcestershire vs Nottinghamshire (Worcester),
    Essex vs Kent (Chelmsford),
    Gloucestershire vs Sussex (Bristol)
    June 23rdHampshire vs Essex (Southampton),
    Birmingham Bears vs Worcestershire (Edgbaston),
    Lancashire vs Derbyshire (Old Trafford),
    Durham vss Yorkshire (Chester-le-Street),
    Glamorgan vs Sussex (Cardiff),
    Somerset vs Gloucestershire (Taunton),
    Kent vs Middlesex (Canterbury),
    Leicestershire vs Northamptonshire (Leicester)
    June 30thHampshire vs Glamorgan (Southampton),
    Lancashire vs Yorkshire (Old Trafford),
    Surrey vs Somerset (The Oval),
    Worcestershire vs Durham (Worcester),
    Essex vs Middlesex (Chelmsford),
    Derbyshire vs Leicestershire (Derby),
    Kent vs Sussex (Canterbury),
    Nottinghamshire vs Birmingham Bears (Nottingham)
    July 1stSussex vs Gloucestershire (Hove)
    July 2ndBirmingham Bears vs Durham (Edgbaston),
    Glamorgan vs Middlesex (Cardiff),
    Lancashire vs Northamptonshire (Old Trafford),
    Somerset vs Kent (Taunton),
    Surrey vs Essex (The Oval),
    Derbyshire vs Worcestershire (Derby),
    Hampshire vs Gloucestershire (Southampton),
    Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire (Nottingham)
    July 6thQuarter-final 3 (TBC), Quarter-final 4 (TBC)
    July 7thQuarter-final 3 (TBC), Quarter-final 4 (TBC)
    July 15thFinals Day (Edgbaston)

    Vitality T20 Blast All Teams 2023

    1. Derbyshire Falcons
    2. Durham Lions
    3. Lancashire Lightning
    4. Leicestershire Foxes
    5. Northamptonshire Steelbacks
    6. Notts Outlaws (Nottinghamshire)
    7. Birmingham Bears (Warwickshire)
    8. Worcestershire Rapids
    9. Yorkshire Vikings
    10. Essex Eagles
    11. Glamorgan
    12. Gloucestershire
    13. Hampshire
    14. Kent Spitfires
    15. Middlesex
    16. Somerset
    17. Surrey
    18. Sussex Sharks

    Vitality T20 Blast 2023 full Squads

    Essex – Tom Westley, Nick Browne, Sir Alastair Cook, Samuel Cook, James Porter, Shane Snater, Paul Walter, Matt Critchley, Simon Harmer (South Africa), Doug Bracewell (New Zealand – County Championship, until the end of July), Daniel Sams (Australia – Vitality Blast)

    Kent – Oliver Robinson, Jordan Cox, Jack Leaning, Sam Billings, Daniel Bell-Drummond, Marcus O’Riordan, Nathan Gilchrist, Hamidullah Qadri, Matthew Quinn, Tawanda Muyeye, Heino Kuhn, Joe Denly, Fred Klaassen, Grant Stewart, Ben Compton, Matt Quinn, Joey Evison, Michael Hogan, George Linde (South Africa), Arshdeep Singh (India – five County Championship matches June-July), Kane Richardson (Australia – Vitality Blast)

    Hampshire – Joe Weatherley, Ian Holland, Liam Dawson, Keith Barker, Bradley Wheal, Mason Crane, Felix Organ, Scott Currie, Nick Gubbins, Ross Whiteley, Ben Brown, Kyle Abbott (South Africa), Mohammad Abbas (Pakistan), Benny Howell, Kyle Abbott (South Africa), , Ben McDermott (Australia – Vitality Blast), Nathan Ellis (Australia – Vitality Blast)

    Somerset – Tom Lammonby, Tom Abell, George Bartlett, Lewis Goldsworthy, Steven Davies, Josh Davey, Roelof van der Merwe, Craig Overton, Tom Kohler-Cadmore, Sean Dickson, Shoaib Bashir (Berkshire), Peter Siddle (Australia – County Championship and Vitality Blast, until the end of July), Cameron Bancroft (Australia – County Championship, until May 17), Matt Henry (New Zealand – County Championship and Vitality Blast, May 11 until the end of July)

    Northamptonshire – Ricardo Vasconcelos, Luke Procter, Rob Keogh, Saif Zaib, Adam Rossington, Tom Taylor, Gareth Berg, Simon Kerrigan, Ben Sanderson, David Willey, Lewis McManus, Ollie Sale, Hassan Azad, Sam Whiteman (Australia – County Championship and One-Day Cup, until the end of August), Chris Tremain (Australia – County Championship, three games in April), Lance Morris (Australia – County Championship, three games in May), Chris Lynn (Australia – Vitality Blast), AJ Tye (Australia – Vitality Blast)

    Gloucestershire – Chris Dent, Tom Lace, Miles Hammond, Tom Smith, Matt Taylor, Josh Shaw, James Bracey, Goodman, George Scott, Ajeet Dale, Marchant de Lange, Paul van Meekeren, Marcus Harris (Australia), Zafar Gohar (Pakistan)

    Warwickshire – Will Rhodes, Henry Brookes, Michael Burgess, Oliver Hannon-Dalby, Sam Hain, Liam Norwell, Robert Yates, Alex Davies, Jacob Bethell, Manraj Johal, Moeen Ali, Ed Barnard, Chris Rushworth, Hassan Ali (Pakistan – until the end of July), Glenn Maxwell (Australia – Vitality Blast)

    Surrey – Rory Burns, Jamie Smith, Ollie Pope, Jordan Clark, Reece Topley, Amar Virdi, Jamie Overton, Matt Dunn, Gus Atkinson, Daniel Moriarty, Chris Jordan, Cameron Steel, Dan Worrall, Dom Sibley, Kemar Roach (West Indies – first six rounds of County Championship), Sean Abbott (Australia – County Championship and Vitality Blast, until the end of July), Tom Latham (New Zealand – County Championship, five games across June and July), Sunil Narine (West Indies – Vitality Blast)

    Yorkshire – Adam Lyth, Harry Brook, Harry Duke, Dominic Bess, Jordan Thompson, Ben Coad, Jonathan Tattersall, Mathew Pillans, Will Fraine, George Hill, Matthew Fisher, Andrew Gale, Matt Milnes, Ben Mike, Jafer Chohan (South Asian Cricket Academy), Shan Masood (Pakistan), Neil Wagner (New Zealand – first 10 County Championship matches), David Wiese (Namibia – Vitality Blast)

    Lancashire – Keaton Jennings, Luke Wells, Josh Bohannon, Liam Livingstone, Steven Croft, Luke Wood, Tom Bailey, Danny Lamb, Phil Salt, James Anderson, Dane Vilas (South Africa), Daryl Mitchell (New Zealand), Colin de Grandhomme (New Zealand)

    Glamorgan – David Lloyd, Billy Root, Kiran Carlson, Chris Cooke, Daniel Douthwaite, Michael Neser, Andrew Salter, Timm van der Gugten, Eddie Byrom, James Harris, Sam Northeast, Colin Ingram (South Africa), Marnus Labuschagne (Australia), Michael Neser (Australia), Harry Podmore (Kent), Zain-ul-Hassan (South Asian Cricket Academy)

    Durham – Alex Lees, Cameron Bancroft, Scott Borthwick, Jack Burnham, Ben Raine, Paul Coughlin, Liam Trevaskis, David Bedingham (South Africa), Ollie Robinson, Nathan Sowter, Brandon Glover, Bas de Leede, Matthew Kuhnemann (Australia), Tristan Stubbs (South Africa – Vitality Blast)

    Worcestershire – Jake Libby, Jack Haynes, Brett D’Oliveira, Riki Wessels, Ben Cox, Joe Leach, Josh Tongue, Dillon Pennington, Ed Barnard, Taylor Cornall, Ben Gibbon, Ed Pollock, Adam Hose, Matthew Waite, Azhar Ali (Pakistan), Michael Bracewell (New Zealand – Vitality Blast), Mitchell Santner (New Zealand – Vitality Blast)

    Leicestershire – Samuel Evans, Colin Ackermann, Lewis Hill, Rishi Patel, Harry Swindells, Chris Wright, Edward Barnes, Gavin Griffiths, Callum Parkinson, Harry Dearden, Roman Walker, Tom Scriven, Wiaan Mulder (South Africa), Peter Handscomb (Australia – County Championship, April and May), Ajinkya Rahane (India – County Championship and One-Day Cup, June onwards), Naveen-ul-Haq (Afghanistan – Vitality Blast), Sol Budinger, Matt Salisbury

    Derbyshire – Billy Godleman, Brooke Guest, Wayne Madsen, Leus du Plooy, Ben Aitchison, Samuel Conners, Dustin Melton, Anuj Dal, Alex Thomson, Suranga Lakmal (Sri Lanka), Haider Ali (Pakistan), Zak Chappell, Matthew Lamb, Mark Watt

    Middlesex – Sam Robson, Jack Davies, Robbie White, Martin Andersson, Blake Cullen, John Simpson, Ethan Bamber, Tim Murtagh, James Harris, Thilan Walallawita, Toby Roland-Jones, Tom Helm, Mark Stoneman, Pieter Malan (South Africa), Ryan Higgins

    Sussex – Tom Haines, Stiaan van Zyl, Tom Clark, Delray Rawlins, Ollie Robinson, George Garton, Jack Carson, JP Sarro, Jamie Atkins, Sean Hunt, Alastair Orr, Henry Crocombe, Will Beer, Fynn Hudson-Prentice, Steven Finn, Tom Alsop, Steve Smith (Australia – three County Championship games in May), Cheteshwar Pujara (India), Shadab Khan (Pakistan – Vitality Blast), Nathan McAndrew (Australia – April to July, County Championship and Vitality Blast)

    Nottinghamshire – Ben Slater, Haseeb Hameed, Ben Duckett, Joe Clarke, Lyndon James, Steven Mullaney, Tom Moores, Liam Patterson-White, Luke Fletcher, Olly Stone, Tom Loten, Dane Paterson (South Africa), Colin Munro (New Zealand – Vitality Blast), Shaheen Shah Afridi (Pakistan – Vitality Blast)

    T20 Blast 2023 Stadiums Names To be Played

    1.London – Lord’s Ground
    2.Nottingham- Trent Bridge ground
    3.Worcester- New road ground
    4.Cheltenham- College ground
    5.Chester-Le-Street- Riverside Ground
    6.Chelmsford- County Ground
    7.Southampton- County Ground
    8.Leeds- Headingley Ground
    9.Leicester- Grace Road
    10.Chesterfield- Queen’s Park
    11Canterbury- St. Lawrence Ground
    12.Manchester- Old Trafford Ground
    13.Birmingham- Edgbaston Ground
    14.Southampton- The Rose Bowl Ground
    15.London- Kennington Oval Ground
    16.Hove- County Ground
    17.Northampton- County Ground
    18.Taunton- The Cooper Associates County Ground
    19.Derby- County Ground
    20.Bristol- County Ground
    21.Beckenham- Kent County Cricket Ground
    22.Uxbridge-Uxbridge Cricket Club Ground
    23.Cardiff- Sophia Gardens

    When will the Vitality T20 Blast start?

    The Vitality Blast returns on Friday, 20th May 2023 with Derbyshire vs Lancashire, North Group

    Where and how to Book Tickets for the 2023 Vitality Blast?

    Officially tickets are available at the official site you can book the tickets online.

    Visit- and book your slots.

    When will be the final match of the Vitality T20 Blast?

    Vitality T20 Blast Finals will be played on 15th July 2023 Saturday.

    Who was the champion of the 2022 T20 Blast?

    Hampshire Hawks was the Cup winner of the 2022 T20 Blast. Runner Up was Lancashire Lightning.

    Hampshire Hawks was the Cup winner of the 2022 T20 Blast
    Highlights | Hampshire Hawks was the Cup winner of the 2022 T20 Blast

    T20 Blast 2023 Groups and Formats

    The Group has divided into 2 North and South groups each group with play 14 matches each group. (7 at Home and 7 Away)

    Vitality T20 Blast 2023 North Group

    Birmingham Bears, Derbyshire Falcons, Durham, Lancashire Lightning, Leicestershire Foxes, Northamptonshire Steelbacks, Notts Outlaws, Worcestershire Rapids, Yorkshire Vikings.

    Vitality T20 Blast 2023 South Group

    Essex Eagles, Gloucestershire, Hampshire Hawks, Kent Spitfires, Glamorgan, Middlesex, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex Sharks.

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